A New Year’s Guide: Avoid Pitfalls When Upgrading Your Phone – Tips for All Users.

As we enter the New Year, many of us are considering upgrading our smartphones. Here’s a guide that offers suggestions depending on the type of user you are.

Huawei Fans: If you’re waiting for the Huawei Mate60, you might want to consider the nova 12 Ultra. If you’re looking to experience 5G and the Kirin chipset, the entry-level nova 12 is a good choice. This could prepare you for experiencing the Pure Hongmeng ecosystem in the future.

Apple Fans: It seems unlikely that the iPhone SE4 will release this year. I would recommend the iPhone 15 series, otherwise, you might have to wait until September for the iPhone 16 series.

Android Loyalists: In January, there are three high-end smartphone models due for release. If your budget is above 6K, you might want to wait. For those with a more modest budget around 3K, and value-for-money conscious, you can look out for the OnePlus Ace3 launching tomorrow. It comes with metal mid-frame and ultra-thin fingerprint reader, a 1.5K Eastern Display, 500mAh battery with fast charging, promising to deliver excellent specs at an unbeatable price, which should not exceed 2799.

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