Windows 10 to End Support: 240 Million Computers to Become Electronic Waste. Have You Upgraded Yet?

According to Canalys’ analysis, it is estimated that by October 2025, approximately 240 million personal computers that do not support Windows 11 will become obsolete and turn into electronic waste. If these outdated devices can be successfully recycled and resold, they may find more utility. However, their refurbishment and resale value will be greatly reduced due to incompatibility with the latest version of Windows.

Among these 240 million personal computers, many of them can still be used in the coming years. However, after Microsoft stops providing free and continuous security updates for these devices, even businesses and the most budget-constrained companies will be forced to abandon them.

It has been reported that although the percentage of Win7 users is 3.34% and Win8.1 users is 1.66%, there are still 0.64% of users using the WinXP operating system. Microsoft has confirmed that Win11 can continue to be upgraded for free to Win10 PCs in eligible cases, and this free upgrade will continue until 2025. In addition, Microsoft has promised to continue providing non-essential network security updates to Win10, but at a cost.

As early as the beginning of December, Microsoft announced an extension of the deadline for Win10 security updates, which will now continue until October 2028. However, the annual fee rate has not yet been disclosed.

On the other hand, according to Canalys’ data, under a support fee plan that charges $25 per computer in the first year and $100 per year in the third and final years, Windows 7 users can have an extension period of up to three years. In comparison to this pricing structure, Microsoft should further encourage businesses to purchase new computers that support Win11 so that these outdated devices can truly be effectively phased out.

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