New Google Pixel 8/Pro parts on par with iPhone in terms of rear camera price

Google, in partnership with iFixit, refreshed its Pixel accessories store during the Christmas holidays, adding new original accessories for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones.

Here are the updated prices for the major replacement parts:

Pixel 8 | Pixel 8 Pro
— | —
Screen: $160 | Screen: $230
Back Cover Assembly (including rear glass, camera bar, camera cover glass, side buttons, and charging coil): $143 | Back Cover Assembly: $173
Battery: $43 | Battery: $43
Rear Camera: $200 | Rear Camera: $200 (or $143 for Main Camera and $63 for Ultra-Wide Lens separately)
Front Camera: $43 | Front Camera: $43

The most expensive component is the rear camera assembly, priced at $200 for the Pixel 8 Pro. For reference, iFixit sells the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera assembly (four cameras) for $142, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max rear camera assembly for $150.

If you utilized Apple’s DIY repair program, the “Camera and Screw Kits” replacement part for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is priced at $219.64. However, if you return the old part to Apple and use a $30.40 voucher, the price drops to $189.24.

Even though Pixel 8 has one less camera and lacks a complex periscope zoom lens, its camera components are still valued at $200.

Pixel 8 components are sold separately: main camera for $143 and the ultra-wide lens for $63.

The store also introduced various small rubber strips and heat dissipators. However, they did not provide replacement motherboards, which are often the first to be damaged if the device gets wet.

Last October, it was reported that Google not only promised to provide major Android version updates for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro for seven years but also ensure a seven-year supply of spare parts for these two phones.

Soniya Jobanputra, Product Management Director at Google, stated in an interview with Android Authority, “We commit to a seven-year part supply. We need to provide our parts so that our hardware can maintain vitality for a long time.”

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