Trouble ahead! iPhone 15 users hit with issues after latest iOS 17 update: unable to make calls or browse the internet.

iPhone 15 Users Face Difficulties After iOS 17 Update: Cannot Make Calls or Use Internet

Breaking news on January 2 from Fast Tech reports that many iPhone 15 users have encountered an unexpected issue after updating their devices to the latest iOS 17 software — they are unable to make phone calls or use the internet. Are you facing these issues?

Apart from these reports on social media platforms, numerous iPhone 15 users have raised complaints about the same issue in Apple’s official community forum. Apparently, this issue currently appears only in the latest iPhone models.

Feedback from the iPhone 15 user community indicates that after upgrading to iOS 17.2.1, they can’t connect to their carrier signal, thereby preventing them from making phone calls or accessing data over cellular networks.

Apple has yet to respond to this matter. However, from some users’ accounts, some of the affected individuals have reached out to their service providers and even replaced their SIM cards, but these measures have failed to resolve the issue.

Furthermore, there have been prior claims by iPhone users who, after updating to iOS 17.2.1, found their phone exhibiting unusual heating, with the device becoming excessively hot. As of now, Apple is yet to address these issues.

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