2023 Premium Smartphones: Apple Dominates Globally, Quadrupling Samsung, with Huawei on the Rise

According to surveys, Apple’s iPhone dominated the global high-end smartphone market in 2023, holding a market share four times that of Samsung Electronics and expanding its presence thanks to the launch of the Mate 60 series by Huawei.

Records show that throughout 2023, the iPhone overwhelmingly dominated the premium smartphone market with a 71% market share. Despite the resurgence of Huawei causing a slight dip in Apple’s market share from its 2022 value of 75%, it was a fruitful year for Apple’s iPhone nonetheless.

The Japanese Apple info site, iPhone Mania, cited on the 3rd a survey report by Counterpoint, saying that estimated global sales of high-end smartphones (priced over $600) was expected to grow by 6% in 2023, hitting a new record. This significant growth contradicts the potential overall downturn in smartphone sales in the same year. Notably, India is identified as the fastest-growing market for premium smartphones worldwide.

Counterpoint reports that the shrink in Apple’s market share was primarily due to Huawei’s revival in the Chinese market with its Mate 60 series. In 2023, Huawei’s global market share for premium smartphones rose to 5%, a 2% increase from the previous year (2022). Samsung also achieved a 1% market share increase, rising to 17% as a result of its Galaxy S23 series and foldable smartphones. Xiaomi and OPPO held 2% and 1% market share, respectively.

Counterpoint predicts that high-end smartphones will make up an estimated 24% of total smartphone sales in 2023, exceeding the 21% observed in 2022.

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