MSI entering handheld market, to unveil new product at CES 2024.

IT Home reports on January 4th that CES 2024 is just around the corner, and prominent tech giant MSI is set to make a substantial impression. A teaser released by the brand suggests it will be making its first venture into the handheld gaming market, with a device sporting a dragon-themed design.

As IT Home notes, though the official teaser only offers a short video, the previewed details are more than enough to whet gamers’ appetite. The video opens with a full-frontal view of the device, which bears a marked resemblance to the ASUS ROG Ally and the Steam Deck OLED when it comes to aesthetic design. The shoulder buttons are decorated with striking RGB lights, adding a strong eSports flair.

Notably, the video puts a major emphasis on the handheld’s cooling system. The back of the device features a bi-color net-like gridded grill and the words “True Gaming”, seemingly highlighting the device’s superior cooling capabilities and ultimate gaming experience. Additionally, the device’s backside also sports a prominent MSI dragon-shaped logo which, judging by the visuals, will likely be enhanced with RGB lighting effects for more visual impact.

It’s currently unclear whether MSI will opt for an AMD Ryzen or Intel Core Ultra processor to power this new handheld. While AMD Ryzen dominates the handheld domain, the Intel Core Ultra has been gaining ground recently. Which one will win MSI’s favor remains a question mark. However, with the approach of CES 2024, the company will reveal the new product soon.

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