OnePlus’ Legal Department Officially Launches Weibo; Li Jie Advocates for Comparing Products Fairly

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The highly-anticipated OnePlus Ace 3 series smartphones are set to be unveiled tomorrow (January 4) at 2:30 pm. In anticipation of the release, official reservations have now opened on various platforms.

Interestingly, the OnePlus Legal Department’s official Weibo account was activated on the eve of the OnePlus Ace 3 unveiling. Although it hasn’t yet posted any content, its arrival has stirred up considerable attention among digital bloggers and users.

Previously, Lei Jie, the president of OnePlus in China, acknowledged the importance of the legal department in a Weibo post and noted numerous instances of rumors and defamation targeting the OnePlus 12 series. “Recently, some have been orchestrating a large-scale smear campaign against OnePlus 12,” he noted. Lei also mentioned that they have reported the matter to the Dongguan police and are gathering evidence about some companies involved, promising to share any new developments promptly.

Lei suggested that competitors should compete fairly over product merits, rather than resorting to malicious actions. He reinforced that OnePlus will continue to remain focused on creating excellent products without disappointing customers, as this is their primary pursuit.

In the face of various consumer choices in the market, OnePlus is adamant about winning their favor through continued efforts to offer high-quality products and services.

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