Rankings of Smartphone Chip Performance – Apple no longer dominates.

When it comes to smartphone chip performance rankings, Apple’s reign as the most powerful is now over, surpassed by both the Dimensity 9300 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3! It’s quite remarkable that the number one spot belongs to the Dimensity 9300, a chipset that follows a bold all-large-core architecture. Many were worried about increased power consumption, but surprisingly the energy efficiency is on par with the 8 Gen 3, and overall performance even curves the top spot. The dilemma between choosing Snapdragon or Dimensity doesn’t seem as difficult to resolve anymore.

The first smartphone to feature the Dimensity 9300 in 2024 will likely be the OPPO Find X7. Despite being a standard version, its performance outpaces many others labeled as ‘Pro’. In the Genshin Impact performance test by Xiaobai Evaluation, the Find X7 maintained a nearly constant framerate over a 30-minute period, averaging at 60.8 frames – a score that essentially conquers the challenging demands of Genshin Impact. In tests by other agencies, the Find X7 also took the top spot among similar platform devices.

The remarkable performance of Find X7 is attributable to OPPO’s self-developed ‘Tide Architecture’ that offers deeper tuning for the chipset, resulting in enhanced performance and energy efficiency. In terms of fluency, there are virtually no issues, indicating that even this year’s Dimensity tuning could look towards the options provided by the green factory.

OPPO Find X7# #OPPO Find X7 Ultra Hardware Specifications Revealed

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