Behold the trendsetting all-rounder portrait smartphone, Huawei Nova 12 Series β€” stand out this New Year.

Time flies, and before we realize it, we have stepped into 2024. As the saying goes, “New year, new beginnings.” With the Chinese New Year around the corner, it’s time to consider gifting yourself or your loved ones a New Year present. At this moment, smartphones have become a popular choice, offering both sentimental and practical value. For many young consumers, the challenge is to find a smartphone that suits their unique needs and stands out from the crowd. Why not consider the Huawei nova 12 series? Offering everything from trendy design to impressive camera capabilities, screen functionality, connectivity, battery life, and system features, it indeed stands as a “trendsetter in all-around portrait photography.”

Today’s youth tend to chase the latest trends and enjoy expressing their individuality. The smartphone, being an essential everyday accessory, is increasingly seen as an extension of one’s personal style. Catering to this demand, Huawei’s nova 12 series introduces a bold, disruptive high-saturation blue aesthetic, symbolizing pure and ultimate Number 12. This design encapsulates the aesthetic expectations and pursuits of nova users while reflecting the vibrant, fervent lifestyle of the youth and their undefinable state of being.

Simultaneously, the groundbreaking Huawei nova 12 Ultra integrates print elements from luxury brands, upgrading the traditional leather craftsmanship to integrated leather embossing that creates a delicate relief effect. The large, three-dimensional nova emblem adds a touch of intricate detail. Alongside the attention-grabbing super stardust ring and integrated back panel design, the contrasting metal and leather materials deliver boundless visual appeal. Overall, it exudes a sophisticated and stunning look.

Moreover, both the Huawei nova 12 Ultra and Huawei nova 12 Pro feature the first ever slightly curved flat screen in the nova series. Incorporating a slight curvature into its flat screen design gives its edges a slightly curved feel, like a full cup of water. It offers the smooth touch of a curved screen and the precision of a flat screen. Along with the optimal curvature, it enhances visual aesthetics while giving users a more comfortable experience. The nova 12 Ultra further elevates this experience with the super reliable second-generation Kunlun glass that significantly enhances the screen glass toughness, offering excellent scratch and wear resistance, mitigating accidental drops and bumps for a more reliable usage.

Mobile phone lenses have become the tool of choice for young people to capture, record, share, and express their emotions and lifestyle. Therefore, the camera capabilities of a smartphone are of great concern to many young users. To better meet these needs, the Huawei nova 12 series has upgraded its front and rear camera systems comprehensively. In particular, the nova 12 Ultra and nova 12 Pro front cameras feature an industry-leading 60-million-pixel autofocus dual camera system, equipped with a binocular 3D visual imaging system and unmatched 0.7x to 5x portrait zoom for composition in any scene. Coupled with the new XD Portrait Da Vinci portrait engine, which finely tunes facial features across “shape, texture, light, and color,” they provide comprehensive face beautification. Activated with a simple tap, you can shoot natural, high-quality selfies.

As a “trendsetter in all-around portrait photography,” the nova series features an outstanding rear camera module. The Huawei nova 12 Ultra and nova 12 Pro are equipped with a 50-million-pixel physical variable aperture lens, featuring the second-generation variable aperture system that cover F1.4 to F4.0. For example, F1.4 is the portrait ring, F2.0 is for sports, pets, and landscapes, F4.0 is the starburst and group photo ring. It’s smart and adjustable, whether exploring urban streets or visiting outdoor destinations, users can easily preserve what their eyes see and articulate their vibrant personality anytime, anywhere.

Furthermore, addressing issues such as slow network speeds in crowded places and lack of signal in desolate areas, the Huawei nova 12 series introduces cutting-edge solutions. Firstly, Harmony Smart Connectivity enables consistently smooth calls and high-speed internet in weak signal scenarios, such as subways, elevators, and underground parking lots. It fits the needs of young users, raising the bar for connectivity. Secondly, they come with a two-way BeiDou satellite messaging function, which allows two-way information exchange with other smart devices even in areas without service, ensuring your travel safety. The nova 12 series also offers advanced features like 100W Turbo intelligent quick charge, superior cooling architecture, and HarmonyOS 4 supported features like intelligent Magic Cutout, Feel-Pay, and more, taking user experience to new heights.

In summary, the all-new Huawei nova 12 series is indeed appealing, offering not only trendy design and superior camera capabilities but also tools for young people to express themselves. It provides an unparalleled integration of features, truly embodying the “trendsetter in all-around portrait photography.” It’s undoubtedly a model that caters exceptionally well to young consumers’ needs.

Presently, the nova 12 and nova 12 Pro are already on sale, while the nova 12 Ultra will be officially released on January 12 at 10:08. If interested, feel free to visit Huawei’s online store and other major authorized e-commerce platforms, or stop by Huawei Experience Store or authorized retail outlets to make a purchase~

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