New issue surfaced with iPhone 15 series: glue seeping from the back cover?

The Apple iPhone 15 series has been out for three months now, but it has faced a myriad of issues since its release—like chipped frames, scratched screens, severe overheating, and dust inside the rear camera lens.

These issues might seem manageable, especially since items can be returned or exchanged within seven days after purchase. However, what happens when quality control problems arise later on?

Recently, an international user reported an issue with their iPhone 15 Pro where the adhesive was seeping from the back cover glass, making the phone’s back feel like a peeling sticker. Many other iPhone 15 series users have reported facing similar issues.

In response to this, Apple has stated that they have initiated an investigation into this issue and have promised free repairs for affected users. They are also working with suppliers to prevent such issues in the future.

Drawing from user feedback, it appears that this issue hasn’t been reported in China yet, and is currently limited to the United States region. Since some iPhones sold in this region are assembled in India, it’s speculated that this might be the root of the problem.

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