Which smartphone do you think will have the best camera in 2023?

Which flagship smartphone do you reckon will sport the best camera in 2023?

Devoted Apple fans might instinctively go for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The inclusion of an unprecedented 5X Periscope Telephoto lens by Apple is indeed a pleasant surprise. But over the last couple years, domestic flagships have been revamping their imaging capabilities. Huawei, Honor, and OPPO have all launched top-of-the-line imaging smartphones. Moreover, OPPO is about to introduce its next-gen Find X7 series. Invitations for the series’ unveiling suggest that OPPO is still aiming to push the limits of smartphone photography.

The invite, in a blue and white color scheme, presumably echoes the new “Sky & Sea” color theme of the #OPPO Find X7# series. We have no doubt about the impressive aesthetics and quality OPPO can deliver. The invitation also echoes the familiar phrase from the Find X6 launch: “Please bring the smartphone you think takes the best photos.” But peel back a layer and there’s a little Easter egg: “It’s not that we’re unwilling to change the copy, we’re just ready for a challenge.”

It seems like the company’s founder, Zhang, is fully confident in the Find X7 series camera capabilities. After all, with a hardware setup featuring a Sony ultra-large 1-inch main sensor, dual periscope telephoto lenses, and quad primary cameras, coupled with the OPPO Hasselblad ultra-light and shadow imaging system, they’ve pulled out all the stops. We’re eagerly looking forward to the launch event on January 8.

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