Xiaomi’s Changping smart factory in Beijing operational by year-end, aims for annual production of 10 million smartphones.

On January 5, news emerged from the official website of the People’s Government of Changping District, Beijing, covered by IT House. On January 2, district leaders met with executives from Xiaomi Group, sharing insights on strengthening mutual cooperation and enhancing the company’s high-quality development.

The district leaders warmly welcomed the delegation from Xiaomi Group and congratulated them on the upcoming opening of Xiaomi’s smart factory. They praised Xiaomi Group’s collaboration with Changping District, emphasizing how it created a new model for high-end smart manufacturing that fuels the district’s economic growth. They expressed hope that Xiaomi would continue to consolidate resources and talent to transform the Xiaomi smart factory into an internationally renowned “lighthouse factory.”

Xiaomi’s executives shared that the first production line in the smart factory is set up and tested. They have a plan to bring all production lines into service before the end of 2024, and they expect to produce up to 10 million smartphones annually once all lines reach full capacity.

According to IT House, the first phase of Xiaomi’s smart factory was commissioned at the end of 2019 in Beijing’s Yizhuang area. The second phase, located in Changping, Beijing, completed its main structure in February 2023. This new phase is ten times larger than the first one and will include the second-generation smartphone production line featuring SMT (Surface Mount Technology) placement, board testing, assembly, machine testing, and finished product packaging. The estimated output value of the entire factory will be around 60 billion yuan.

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