From ¥3799 to ¥2498, 12GB+512GB+50MP, Snapdragon 8Gen2 Flagship Hits New Low

Understated design is the hallmark of timelessness, yet there was a period when domestic smartphone makers in China sought to break into the high-end market with an emphasis on lavish aesthetics. Devices were crafted with increasingly curved front screens and enlarged rear camera modules. Despite the intent, these changes often introduced new issues such as accidental touches on the overly sensitive screens and the bulky feel of the camera areas.

Fortunately, many manufacturers are now revisiting a more minimalistic approach, equipping high-end models with straight, ultra-narrow displays and reducing camera module sizes. This pivot towards simplicity has yielded better sales than the prior luxury-centric designs. Among domestic brands, Meizu has exceptionally embraced this trend. Following a powerful comeback, its flagship Meizu 20 attracted a significant consumer base with its design.

Meizu is well-positioned to claim a significant share in the domestic smartphone market, bolstered by support from Geely, which has enhanced the brand’s competitive edge. The Meizu 20, featuring a Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor, launched with a surprisingly affordable starting price of CNY 2,999, a pricing strategy that the old, cash-strapped Meizu could not have managed. Following its release, the model quickly became a bestseller, achieving a sales milestone of one hundred million yuan within just one second of its launch, with its aesthetics playing a key role.

Meizu retains a loyal fanbase, partly due to its steadfast commitment to refined design. The Meizu 20 boasts a “borderless” design with ultra-narrow bezels, a 93.7% screen-to-body ratio, and the thinnest edge measuring just 1.57mm. Its camera module employs a unique ring-shaped, slightly protruding craft, ensuring a balanced feel when held and eliminating discomfort around the fingers.

Despite its unimposing camera module, the Meizu 20’s photographic capabilities are substantial. It features a triple rear camera setup, including a 50-megapixel ultra-sensitive main camera, complemented by a new generation SMA optical image stabilization and full pixel focusing technology. Whether in low-light or bright conditions, users can capture excellent images effortlessly. In addition to its slim-bezel display, the phone has a 144Hz gaming-grade eye-care screen, a substantial 4700mAh battery capacity, and it supports 67W fast charging, all for a sincere starting price of CNY 2,999.

This commitment to value is still evident today. As one of the most affordably priced Snapdragon 8Gen2 flagships at its launch, the Meizu 20’s price has further dropped with the arrival of the new Snapdragon 8Gen3 models. The high-end 12GB+256GB variant now costs just CNY 2,197, and the top-tier 12GB+512GB version has become even more accessible.

Initially priced at CNY 3,799 for the 12GB+512GB top-spec variant, it has seen a price reduction to CNY 2,498—an amount even lower than many newly released Snapdragon 8Gen2 standard edition flagships. With its refined aesthetics and exceptional value for money, Meizu smartphones now hold considerably more competitive power than before.

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