Google may be developing premium Bard: Offering more top-notch models & features.

January 5, 2024 6:43 PM Author: Yao Liwei

As per the recent report, Google is devising an advanced premium version of Bard, named Bard Advanced, which aims to proffer a greater range of superior models and features. Last December, Google introduced its AI chatbot, Bard, marking its rivalry with OpenAI’s AI chatbot tool – ChatGPT. Some observant developers recently discovered apparent code indications on Bard’s website implying a possible three-month free trial period for Bard Advance.

The report also refers to an expired link hinting that Bard Advance could be potentially included as a part of Google One. Furthermore, it seems that Google has already initiated the collection of user feedback for Bard Advanced, albeit on a smaller scale through a tester group. While the precise release schedule is yet to be announced, it’s speculated that Google is planning to launch this premium version in the imminent future.

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