Microsoft’s April Win11 Update, Adds WiFi 7 Support

January 6 News: According to promotional materials from Dell, Microsoft plans to roll out the Windows 11 24H1 update in April 2024, which will include support for Wi-Fi 7.

As a key hardware partner of Microsoft, Dell is likely to be well-informed about the release plans for Windows 11, and the timeline coincides with Intel indicating that their Wi-Fi 7 drivers are awaiting operating system support.

Microsoft has not officially disclosed any details about the content of the Windows 11 24H1 update, but it is anticipated to be a minor “Moment 5” update in scale.

According to previous reports by IT Home, unlike the major 23H2 update released on October 31st and some earlier “Moment” updates, the next feature update for Windows 11 is not expected to bring too many new features or groundbreaking changes. Instead, the focus will be on minor improvements, refinements, and adjustments in accordance with the Digital Markets Act.

Notably, the Windows 11 “Moment 5” update is expected to enhance the widget experience, such as the much-anticipated option to hide news sources. Additionally, there will be improvements in accessibility and sharing features, functionalities tailored for integration with Windows 365, and updates to built-in apps (like a character counter in Notepad, new sections in the Microsoft Store, etc.).

For users in the European Union, the “Moment 5” update will allow them to uninstall the Microsoft Edge browser with just a few clicks.

[Source: IT Home]

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