China’s 3rd-gen Quantum Computer Launches

On the 6th, China’s third-generation independently developed superconducting quantum computer, “Origin Wukong,” began operation. This quantum computer is equipped with a 72-qubit indigenous superconducting quantum chip named “Wukong Core,” representing the most advanced programmable and deliverable superconducting quantum computer in the country. Named “Wukong” after the mythological figure Sun Wukong from Chinese traditional culture, the name implies versatility and transformation, akin to Sun Wukong’s ability to undergo “72 transformations.” For more information on this cutting-edge technology equipped with an indigenous chip, China’s third-generation superconducting quantum computer has been launched and is operational. (Reported by Wu Changfeng, Science and Technology Daily, image courtesy of Origin Quantum)

Source: Science and Technology Daily

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