Xiaomi Car Base Model: Not Under $30k; Year of Dragon Moutai Now in Stores

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There’s substantial curiosity regarding the pricing of Xiaomi’s forthcoming car, but Lei Jun has confidently stated that the SU7 will be unrivaled in the market for anything less than 500,000 yuan.

At Xiaomi’s automobile technology conference, Lei Jun addressed the price of Xiaomi’s car by dismissing the possibility of a 99,900 or 149,900 yuan price point.

Previously, Lei Jun had revealed that the Xiaomi SU7 was in the trial production phase, with a few more months to go before its official launch.

The final pricing hasn’t been decided yet, but it’s expected to be on the higher end, aiming for “justifiably expensive” in order to exceed consumer expectations.

Some are speculating whether the base model of the Xiaomi car could be priced at 199,900 yuan. An influential analyst believes that this would be an improbable move for Lei Jun.

According to this analyst, while theoretically the base model of Xiaomi’s SU7 could be priced around 200,000 yuan, considering the marginal cost plus a 15% markup, without optional extras, Lei Jun is unlikely to take this approach.

This is the lowest estimated cost based on the information disclosed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, alongside a comparison with other vehicles in the same price range. Given that the production hasn’t scaled up yet, there are many unaccounted-for hidden costs, so this should be taken as mere speculation without any reference value.

Furthermore, given that Xiaomi’s first car model belongs to the luxury C-class segment, it benefits from the strong brand Xiaomi has built in the smart hardware market. This makes it highly unlikely the brand would undercut itself and go for an aggressive pricing strategy to gain market attention in a fiercely competitive industry.

It seems more probable that Xiaomi won’t price the car this low, as it aims to contend, on a global scale, not with second-tier brands or models, but to anchor itself among the top-tier competitors. Brands like Tesla, and potentially Apple in the future, are its primary anticipated rivals.

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In other news, last night, the “Dragon Maotai” from the Jia Chen Dragon Year was officially available for purchase on the iMaotai digital marketing platform at a guide price of 2,499 yuan per bottle.

A total of 9,999 bottles were put up for sale, and registered users of iMaotai could apply for a purchase. This is a reduction from the 29,999 bottles released during the “Welcoming Rabbit” event in 2023.

However, according to domestic media reports, the zodiac Maotai series has always been scarce, and this year being the Year of the Dragon has made it even more sought-after. Prices on third-party platforms for “Dragon Maotai” have already seen a markup of up to 3,000 yuan, with offers as high as 5,499 yuan per bottle.

To give some context, last year’s “Rabbit Maotai” saw prices soar initially to 6,000 yuan per bottle on third-party platforms before stabilizing around 3,000 yuan as normal. It is expected that the price for “Dragon Maotai” will also normalize eventually.

Additionally, zodiac Maotai from previous years such as the Ox, Rat, Pig, Dog, and Rooster are priced between 3,600 and 3,900 yuan on third-party platforms. “Rabbit Maotai” remains the cheapest, discounted to 3,019 yuan.

Older zodiac Maotai editions, such as Goat and Horse, are more expensive due to their age. “Horse Maotai” is nearing the 20,000 yuan mark, while “Goat Maotai” exceeds 30,000 yuan.

It’s worth noting that since introducing the Horse zodiac Maotai in 2014, Guizhou Maotai has launched a total of 11 zodiac-themed editions.

Note: The above information is compiled from Fast Technology.

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