From $224! Huawei’s New Budget Phone with “Magic Chip” & Eye-Care Display!

Recently, Huawei launched the new mid-range nova 12 series, headlining it as the closing act of 2023. It’s also speculated that Huawei will embark on a new path in 2024, decisively ditching Qualcomm chips to fully adopt its self-developed Kirin processors. The highly anticipated photographic flagship of this lineup, the P70 series, is expected to debut in 2024. Yet, in a surprising move, Huawei has just released a new budget-friendly model priced within the thousand-yuan range—the Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro.

Those familiar with Huawei’s product lineup know that expectations are typically low for the Enjoy series, which is considered subpar in terms of design and specs.

The Enjoy’s market strategy is mainly focused on in-store sales, and despite its budget-friendly price, it has little to do with cost-efficiency. The Huawei Enjoy 70 Pro is no exception. Though the device was revealed in the latter half of the previous year, Huawei chose to release the Enjoy 70 first and delayed the Enjoy 70 Pro’s release until now. Even so, rather than utilizing the Kirin chip, the Enjoy 70 Pro comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680—an older model that’s affectionately dubbed by netizens as the “legendary CPU.” However, it is slightly better received than the previously criticized Huawei nova 11 SE, especially since it’s priced 500 yuan cheaper, making it somewhat more palatable to consumers.

That said, this comparison is only between Huawei’s own models. When compared to competitors’ offerings at the same price point, one might be better off just window shopping. Beyond the Snapdragon 680 processor, the Enjoy 70 Pro does have its selling points. It boasts a 6.7-inch Aurora AOD display that combines the benefits of daylight and nighttime eye protection screens, plus an always-on display feature.

Additionally, the device introduces a sliding physical fingerprint sensor, which allows rotational finger input for identification, moving beyond traditional press fingerprint reading. The smartphone is also equipped with the full-feature version of the HarmonyOS 4 system, which keeps all the major functionalities intact, though the animation effects may not match those of higher-end flagships.

Other features include a 108MP main rear camera and a battery capacity of 5000mAh supported by 44W fast charging. A potential selling point that may contribute to its success in physical stores is the large circular camera module design on the back, reminiscent of the Mate 60 series. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else to highlight. With a launch price of 1449 yuan and memory configuration at just 8GB+128GB, it’s not a complete letdown but there’s certainly a considerable gap when compared to other budget smartphones in the same price bracket.

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