From $3999! OPPO Unveils Find X7 Series

On January 8th, OPPO launched its flagship smartphone that transcends Pro— the Find X7. The device marks a revolutionary step in the industry with its cutting-edge concentric universal design, a brand-new triple main camera system powered by Hasselblad Master Photography, the ground-breaking performance unleashed by OPPO’s own Tide Architecture, and a new generation of super-bright and eye-protecting diamond screen. It promises to provide consumers with a top-tier flagship experience.

In terms of pricing, the standard OPPO Find X7 starts at 3,999 yuan. The 12GB+256GB variant is priced at 3,999 yuan, the 16GB+256GB variant at 4,299 yuan, the 16GB+512GB variant at 4,599 yuan, and the 16GB+1TB variant at 4,999 yuan. It is available in four color schemes: Blue Soaring Skies, Silver Sand Dunes, Purple Nebula, and Black Starry Night.

Liu Zuohu, the Chief Product Officer at OPPO, stated: “The Find X7 excels beyond Pro not just in photography, but also in performance, AI experience, display, and international travel. It offers a comprehensive and visibly substantial quality, setting a true flagship benchmark that surpasses Pro standards in every aspect.”

The New Generation of Concentric Universal Design Exceeds Pro Elegance and Vision

The OPPO Find X7 perfectly merges powerful imaging with Eastern aesthetics to embody the new generation’s concentric universal design. Drawing inspiration from professional camera lenses with a full prism line design, the Find X7 harmoniously displays a new generation powerful main camera system, and through unique haute craftsmanship, it vividly engraves three-dimensional light and shadows onto the universe’s form. With classic Hasselblad branding complemented by photographic inscriptions and textures, every intricate detail brings an extraordinary sense of texture to the fore. OPPO’s distinctive three-button scheme also makes its way to the Find X7, blending functionality and aesthetics in every flick of the switch.

The Find X7 debuts the new Blue Soaring Skies color scheme. A combination of pearlescent white glass and deep blue lychee-patterned leather portrays an expansive world and state of mind, paying tribute to the courage to traverse the waves and moving towards brighter horizons. The series also continues the iconic Silver Sand Dunes design, featuring metallic-textured glass and brown lychee-patterned leather, conveying a professional subtlety and rich meticulous details.

The Find X7 also includes exclusive Purple Nebula and Black Starry Night color options. The Purple Nebula’s unique hyperbolic texture creates a radiant effect that spreads from the center to the edges. At the same time, a fogged light treatment ensures that glossy surfaces don’t show fingerprints. The Black Starry Night color scheme uses bright glass for a premium ceramic-like texture.

OPPO Tide Architecture x MediaTek Dimensity 9300, Performance Surpassed Pro

The Find X7 is equipped with OPPO’s self-developed Tide Architecture. By diving deep into the bottom layer of the chip, it achieves a dynamic scheduling of heterogeneous computing units, allowing flagship smartphones to deliver ultimate performance, energy efficiency, and stable endurance. This completely rewrites how smartphone chips operate, redefining the meaning of peak performance.

In a series of performance, battery life, and stability tests, the Find X7 scored first place, representing the pinnacle of flagship performance standards. In the AnTuTu benchmark, the Find X7 scored an impressive 2,312,687 points, the most robust performance in its platform. In the Genshin Impact game test, the Find X7 delivered a smooth and stable performance with an average frame rate of 60.8fps. Additionally, the Find X7 also achieved an outstanding battery life of 9.34 hours in overall endurance tests, setting a new benchmark for efficiency in its class.

Jiang Bo, in charge of chip technology at OPPO, stated: “Achieving supreme energy efficiency requires a deep understanding of the chip’s foundational operations. OPPO has built a significant foundation in the field of chip technology, which is why we’re able to introduce the revolutionary Tide Architecture in the Find X7. The Tide Architecture not only plays a role at the macro application level but also penetrates into finer scenario-based slices to facilitate precise scheduling of chip computing power. It represents a new fusion tech stack characterized by deep customization and efficient collaboration between software and hardware.”

The Tide Architecture, a key chip energy efficiency technology under the “dual-key” mechanism, has been developed jointly by OPPO and MediaTek, offering unique experience advantages for the Find series users.

Chen Guanzhou, the director and general manager of MediaTek, commented: “The Find X7 not only boasts superb performance but also delivers flawless experiences across the board, including stable gaming frame rates, extended battery life, and low power consumption control. OPPO’s ability to unlock the capabilities of the Dimensity 9300 surpasses our expectations, representing industry-leading performance. On the Find X7, MediaTek and OPPO have ushered in a new era of technical collaboration, developing numerous customized technologies that cover performance, gaming, imaging, multimedia, and more. The Dimensity 9300 chipset, with a full suite of powerful generative AI capabilities, utilizes hybrid AI computing to empower devices. As a flagship smartphone embedding generative AI models at the scale of 7 billion, the OPPO Find X7 is set to bring a stunning generative AI experience to everyone.” # Groundbreaking AI Powered Smartphone – the Find X7

The Find X7 is the world’s first smartphone to incorporate an on-device 7 billion parameter language model. Its advanced deployment through cloud collaboration has resulted in the most powerful AI capabilities in its class, offering a user experience that’s generations ahead.

Thanks to its new model, the Find X7 introduces a revolutionary AIGC (AI-Generated Content) eraser feature. While other models on the platform only support human subject identification, the Find X7 far exceeds this, recognizing and segmenting over 120 types of subjects. It’s capable of hair-level segmentation, separating up to six subjects simultaneously, and filling in large image areas with natural generation, significantly enhancing the practicality and application range of generative visual models and ushering in a new era of image editing for users.

Furthermore, the Find X7 introduces the very first AI-powered voice summary model, revolutionizing the call experience. Unlike other billion-parameter models, the Find X7’s 7 billion-parameter model grasps conversation content with a higher ‘IQ’, providing summaries that are clear, detailed, and omits nothing of importance. With intelligent scheduling via Andes’ large model and cloud collaboration, OPPO’s AI model processes the voice summary with encryption, ensuring absolute local storage on the device, significantly enhancing user experience while protecting user privacy.

The model’s upgrade also brings with it the new XiaoBu Assistant, offering over 100 smart capabilities, including text-to-image conversion, image-to-text translation, AI-powered article summaries, and more, providing a highly practical and futuristic AI experience for all aspects of daily life.

Hasselblad’s Masterful Full-Range Imaging for Portraits – Only with OPPO

The Find X7 is the first to feature a new generation ultra-imaging system developed in partnership with Hasselblad, delivering an unparalleled imaging experience across all focal lengths. The upgraded primary triple-camera array covers focal lengths from 15mm to 139mm, offering a multi-lens zoom experience that rivals Hasselblad’s own lens collection while ensuring superb portability and composition freedom across distances.

The Find X7’s camera array includes a 1/1.4-inch 50MP ultra-sensitive wide-angle sensor, a 64MP ultra-sensitive periscope telephoto lens, and a 119° ultra-wide-angle 50MP lens. The new ultra-sensitive wide sensor increases light intake by 50% and supports full-range DCG HDR functionality for the first time, enhancing photo and video dynamic range and light effects.

The 3x ultra-sensitive periscope telephoto lens can also use the central 12 million pixels from its quad-pixel sensor to capture non-digital zoom full-resolution photos and 4K videos at 6x zoom, surpassing traditional 5x fixed optical zoom cameras in image quality.

Thanks to OPPO’s new ultra-imaging engine, the Find X7 fully utilizes the MediaTek Dimensity 9300’s imaging capabilities, delivering unprecedented quality and color performance in mobile photography, rivaling professional Hasselblad cameras. The device features the first instant double-frame technology in Android, a 4x faster shutter response, and a preview HDR effect. The engine integrates with advanced image algorithms and natural color algorithms, working in tandem with the Dimensity 9300’s ninth-generation Imagiq image processor, to bring rich color and light variations, perfectly replicating Hasselblad’s professional tonality.

A complete innovation in triple-camera technology combined with the evolved imaging engine, the Find X7 introduces a new generation of professional Hasselblad portrait photography, elevating portrait effects to unprecedented levels. The three focal lengths of the Find X7’s Hasselblad portraits are calibrated to Hasselblad’s XCD 3,5/30, XCD 2,8/65, and XCD 2,5/90V lenses, providing optical performance beyond what’s typical for smartphones. Empowered by the large model and AI depth calculations, Find X7’s Hasselblad portrait’s photo-editing precision is unparalleled, with detailed bokeh that doesn’t miss a hair or accessory.

Subtle tonal changes grant Hasselblad portraits superb character depth and spatial awareness of the background environment. The progressive blurring accurately represents depth in flat images, creating an exact relationship between subject and space. The Find X7 is also the first to introduce the ProXDR display to professional Hasselblad portraits, offering up to an 8x brightness enhancement, bringing brightness and color to light spots, closely mimicking an optical effect.

For the first time, the Find X7 extends its ultra-imaging engine to video, combined with the powerful video computation of the Dimensity 9300, to support the Android-first, world-only full-range 4K Dolby Vision HDR video recording. Integrating OPPO’s completely restructured exposure, color temperature, focusing, and stabilization systems, along with a redesigned quantization and natural distribution for video tones, Android video recording has reached unprecedented levels of smoothness, stability, and realism. For the first time, it truly approaches the industry benchmark set by the iPhone’s video capturing capabilities.

The Next-Generation Diamond Screen, Surpassing the Pro in Clarity and Eye Protection

Photographs displayed with ProXDR and Dolby Vision HDR videos come alive on the Find X7’s 6.78-inch diamond screen. The newer generation diamond screen achieves an industry-leading dynamic peak brightness of 4500 nits and has received the authoritative Displaymate A+ certification. Paired with a high pixel density of 450 PPI, it offers visibly enhanced, transparent displays and more vivid light and shadow effects, even when used outdoors. Based on the new LTPO 8T circuit, the smooth 120Hz refresh rate offers an effortlessly fluid experience not only for viewing photos and gaming but also for daily applications, all while being power efficient.

The Find X7’s diamond screen also supports Bright Eyes eye protection technology, having obtained the top-tier TÜV Rheinland Intelligent Eye Protection 3.0 certification and SGS certification. The Find X7 uses a combination of PWM and simulated DC dimming to greatly reduce screen flickering, making screen viewing much more comfortable. With hardware-level low blue light, the Find X7 achieves more comfortable viewing for the human eye. In addition, with two color temperature sensors that collect 360° environmental light information, the Find X7 ensures healthy and comfortable vision under different lighting conditions.

Efficiency and Reliability Beyond the Pro

The Find X7 also supports a range of new features that provide higher efficiency and reliability for both work and daily life. With the File Open With Ease feature, the Find X7 allows quick access to dozens of file formats, including Keynote and CAD. The Workspace and Phonelink features enable the Find X7 to quickly connect and transfer data with Mac and Windows computers. Moreover, through the interconnectivity of the Find X7, OPPO has endowed new AI capabilities to computers. For example, images cut out from the phone’s album can be quickly transferred to a computer, bypassing the need for traditional computer software.

Find X7 is also equipped with new Super Antenna technology, significantly improving mobile signal conditions when held in hand. It achieves up to a 7dB increase in signal strength and an average of 3dB, overcoming the conventional ‘death grip’ issue with signal reception. The Find X7 also supports wet touch functionality, ensuring effective operation whether the screen has water droplets on it or the fingers are wet.

With Tidal Architecture and Dimensity 9300, the Find X7 integrates a large 5000mAh battery, offering top-tier battery life. The 100W Super Flash Charge allows the Find X7 to charge to 50% in just 10 minutes and reach 100% in only 27 minutes. Additionally, the Find X7 supports an industry-leading extreme cold mode, enabling preheating for charging even at -20°C, surpassing the industry’s previous limit of -10°C. Double the industry-standard Battery Health Engine ensures that after four years of usage, the Find X7’s battery capacity can still remain above 80%.

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