iPhone “Batterygate” Payout: $92/User

Apple Starts Paying Out for ‘Batterygate’ Settlements

News on January 7th states that today, the topic “#iPhone Battery Gate Compensation Received#” has climbed to the top of the trending search topics. It was reported that back in December 2017, a substantial number of American users accused Apple of intentionally slowing down or limiting the performance of older iPhone models without notifying the users. This affected iPhones included the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus, among others. Apple responded at the time, saying the performance throttling was intended to preserve the phones’ battery life.

The court eventually ruled in favor of the iPhone users for compensation. All U.S. owners of the aforementioned affected iPhone models were eligible to file a claim by October 6, 2020. Each device was entitled to one claim, with an average payout of $92.17 per user.

According to shares from overseas users, Apple has now begun to distribute the compensations. Some people have already started receiving payments, with each compensation being around $92.17 (equivalent to approximately 660 RMB). Some individuals might receive total compensations close to $1,000.

Image Source: Fujian Daily

This signifies that the long-standing saga of “Apple Batterygate” may finally be approaching its grand finale.

In December of last year, Apple was ordered by the Seoul High Court in South Korea to pay 70,000 Korean Won (roughly 381 RMB) in compensation to each of the seven South Korean iPhone users involved in a similar case.

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