OPPO Find X7: Redefining Flagship Excellence!

As OPPO’s most premium flagship lineup, the OPPO Find series epitomizes the apex of technology. Each iteration is a celebration of technical prowess, embodying a passion for discovery, dedication to innovation, and relentless pursuit of exceptional user experiences. On January 8th, the OPPO Find X7 series was officially unveiled, featuring a new concentric universe design, a superior light-and-shadow triple main camera setup, OPPO’s proprietary tidal architecture, and the latest generation of diamond screens, elevating the flagship standard across the board.

The OPPO Find X7 introduces the new generation of the concentric universe design philosophy, which not only transcends its Pro counterpart but also showcases a seamless fusion of elegance and vision. The device’s design takes inspiration from professional camera lenses with an all-prism line design, creating an orderly and harmonious main camera system. Employing haute couture techniques, the OPPO Find X7 etches three-dimensional light and shadows onto the universe above, enhancing the intricacy of the design. In addition, the Find X7 retains the iconic Hasselblad insignia, complemented by image inscriptions and light-and-shadow textures, further accentuating the extraordinary attention to detail. OPPO’s unique three-segment buttons are also a feature of the Find X7, perfectly embodying the integration of function and aesthetics.

In terms of color, the OPPO Find X7 is available in the new “Boundless Ocean” scheme, drawing inspiration from the vast sky and ocean, symbolizing bravery in exploration and limitless possibilities. The new color scheme combines pearl white glass with deep blue lychee-patterned faux leather to convey a profound and mysterious allure. There is also the “Desert Silver Moon” color, which boasts the same craftsmanship and maintains the tonal continuity from the previous generation.

Of course, the OPPO Find X7 is also offered in other color options. The “Smoke Purple” and “Starry Black” variants boast unique dual-curved textures and a ceramic-like design, respectively. The Smoke Purple sports a glass surface that dazzles, resistant to fingerprints, while the Starry Black features a glossy glass finish that provides a high-end ceramic texture.

Performance-wise, the OPPO Find X7 is built on the tidal architecture, delving deep into the chip’s foundations for computational research and dynamic scheduling of heterogeneous computing units. The Find X7 tops the charts in various performance, battery life, and stability tests, reflecting the highest standards of current flagships. Scoring 2,312,687 points in AnTuTu benchmarks, the Find X7 emerges as a leader in its class. It maintains an average frame rate of 60.8fps in “Genshin Impact” gameplay tests, ensuring an enduringly stable gaming experience. Additionally, it reaches an endurance time of 9.34 hours in comprehensive battery tests, standing out as a high-efficiency contender in its category.

Jiang Bo, the head of OPPO’s chip technology, emphasized that to achieve ultimate energy efficiency, one must deeply understand the underlying logic of chip operations. Leveraging OPPO’s extensive experience in the chip technology domain, a revolutionary tidal architecture has been successfully deployed. This architecture plays a critical role at the macro application level and delves into more detailed scenario-based slices for precision scheduling of chip computing power. It represents a new integration stack where hardware and software are deeply customized and efficiently collaborative.

The OPPO Find X7 is the first to apply a seven-billion-parameter language model to smartphones, achieving exceptional AI performance through edge-cloud cooperation. This technological breakthrough significantly enhances AI capabilities, offering users an unprecedented experience. The introduction of the new large model technology enables AIGC functionality to accurately recognize and segment over 120 types of subjects, achieving hair-level segmentation and multiple subject separation.

Furthermore, the OPPO Find X7 introduces the first-ever AI large model voice summary. Compared to other billion-parameter models, its seven-billion-parameter model possesses a higher “IQ,” enabling it to comprehend conversation content and generate detailed summaries accurately. Thanks to the Andes large model’s edge-cloud collaboration, summary processing is thoroughly encrypted, offering a high level of user privacy protection.

The OPPO Find X7 comes equipped with a cutting-edge language model, boasting 7 billion parameters. When generating the first 200 characters, its performance is a remarkable 20 times faster compared to other models on the same platform. For a 2000-character generation task, it’s 2.5 times quicker. Moreover, this model can summarize texts up to a generous 14,000 characters long, which is 3.5 times the capacity of other models on the same platform, significantly enhancing efficiency and the natural flow of conversations.

The OPPO Find X7 has revolutionized artificial intelligence interaction by upgrading its AI assistant, XiaoBu, with large model technology. This upgrade incorporates over 100 intelligent functions, including but not limited to converting text to image, image to text, and AI-powered article summarization, providing users with a more practical and convenient next-generation AI experience.

The OPPO Find X7 premieres a state-of-the-art imaging system co-developed with Hasselblad. This new-generation Ultra Light-Sensitive Imaging System offers a distinct Hasselblad full-focal-length master-level photographic experience. It features an enhanced Ultra Light-Sensitive triple primary camera system with focal lengths ranging from 15mm to 139mm, allowing multi-lens zoom capabilities comparable to Hasselblad lenses, while maintaining superb portability.

The OPPO Find X7’s Ultra Light-Sensitive triple primary camera system includes a 50MP wide-angle lens with a large sensor, a 64MP periscope telephoto lens, and a 50MP ultra-wide-angle lens. The main wide-angle lens features a super light-sensitive sensor that increases light input by 50%, significantly improving the dynamic range and light-shadow expression in photos. The phone also supports full-capacity DCG HDR, enhancing detail and color representation in images, giving photographers more creative latitude.

The OPPO Find X7 introduces a 3x Ultra Light-Sensitive periscope telephoto technology. Using a central 12-million-pixel-point combination from the quad-pixel sensor, it achieves full-resolution 6x zoom photos and 4K video shooting without digital zooming. This outperforms traditional 5x fixed optical zoom cameras, demonstrating superior image quality.

Armed with a new Ultra Light-Sensitive Image Engine, the OPPO Find X7 fully leverages the computational power of the Dimensity 9300 chipset. This leads to Android’s first instant dual-frame technology and HDR preview effects. In addition, the device boasts a 4x faster shutter response, ensuring accuracy and stability in photography. The deep integration with Dimensity 9300 enables a Natural Color Algorithm within the Ultra Light-Sensitive Image Engine, offering a professional color tone performance to rival Hasselblad cameras.

Equipped with triple primary cameras and the Ultra Light-Sensitive Image Engine, the OPPO Find X7 introduces Hasselblad’s professional portrait photography technology, delivering the ultimate portrait photography experience. It enhances detail capture and processing capabilities, leading to the best portrait effects. To achieve exceptional results, the phone features Hasselblad’s XCD 3,5/30, XCD 2,8/65, and XCD 2,5/90V lenses, offering unparalleled natural optical performance. Additionally, utilizing state-of-the-art large models and AI deep computation technology, the phone achieves high-precision cutout features, rendering a delicately blurred background that can precisely handle even hair strands and accessories.

For the first time, OPP Find X7 adopts the ProXDR display technology, which can deliver up to an 8x increase in brightness. This significantly enhances the brightness and color computation for Hasselblad portrait light spots, closely matching optical quality.

With the integration of the Dimensity 9300 platform, the OPPO Find X7 brings the Ultra Light-Sensitive Image Engine to the video realm, representing an industry breakthrough as the first Android device, and one of only two in the world, to support 4K Dolby Vision HDR video recording across all focal lengths. Moreover, OPPO has comprehensively rebuilt exposure, color temperature, focus, and stabilization systems, and redesigned video tone mapping and natural distribution, elevating Android’s video capabilities to approach those of the industry benchmark, the iPhone. A vibrant display on the OPPO Find X7

The OPPO Find X7 boasts an impressive display featuring ProXDR photo and Dolby Vision HDR video capabilities, presented on a 6.78-inch “Diamond Screen” that delivers vivid and distinct colors. This screen reaches a new generation of dynamic peak brightness, boasting an intensity of up to 4500 nits. It has been certified by Displaymate with an A+ rating and has a high pixel density of 450 PPI, ensuring clarity even in outdoor settings with transparent and lively light and shadow effects. Additionally, the screen employs LTPO 8T circuit technology, achieving a refresh rate of 120Hz, offering a smooth visual experience perfect for viewing photos, playing games, and everyday app usage. This technology not only reduces power consumption but also promotes longer battery life for the device.

Diamond Screen Technology on the OPPO Find X7

The exceptional Diamond Screen technology of the OPPO Find X7 offers stunning display qualities. Integrated with eye-care technology, it’s received the highest level of certification from TÜV Rheinland and an additional one from SGS, affirming its superior eye protection features. This screen technology uses a combination of PWM and DC dimming schemes to effectively mitigate screen flicker. Moreover, hardware-level blue light reduction minimizes eye strain, and dual temperature sensors automatically adjust the screen’s color temperature, providing an even more comfortable viewing experience for users.

Global travel features on the OPPO Find X7

In terms of system capabilities, the OPPO Find X7 includes a ‘Global Freedom’ feature designed to facilitate seamless international travel. Paired with ColorOS, the phone offers smart suggestions based on user preferences to provide timely services as needed.

Cross-border data service supported by the OPPO Find X7

OPPO Find X7 users can enjoy easy access to cross-border data services in 107 countries worldwide without the need to purchase a SIM card in advance, and can also take advantage of free local data upon arrival. The device offers local service recommendations like restaurants, hotels, and attractions, helping users integrate more easily into the local lifestyle. Moreover, it supports real-time translation in multiple forms such as voice, text, and images, significantly aiding in international travel or business activities.

Seamless file management on the OPPO Find X7

With the ‘File Cloud Transfer’ feature, users can easily access dozens of file formats, including Keynote and CAD. Thanks to ‘Portable Workstation’ and ‘PhoneLink’ technologies, the OPPO Find X7 enables quick connectivity and data transfer with Mac and Windows computers. Additionally, the integration of AI capabilities into the computer brings more convenience to the user—for instance, quickly transferring cutout images from the phone gallery to the computer.

Advanced antenna technology on the OPPO Find X7

The OPPO Find X7 is equipped with Super Antenna technology, which significantly boosts handheld signal strength by an average of 3dB, effectively resolving the ‘death grip’ problem. The device also has an excellent wet-hand touch function, enabling normal operation even with water droplets, providing a more convenient user experience.

Long battery life and fast charging on the OPPO Find X7

The OPPO Find X7 features a robust 5000mAh battery that offers extended battery life, ensuring the user doesn’t need to recharge frequently during long periods of use. Its 100W Super VOOC Flash Charging technology can charge the phone to 50% in just 10 minutes and fully charge it in only 27 minutes, dramatically improving the charging experience. Additionally, the phone supports an extreme cold mode that allows charging even at -20℃, breaking through the industry limit of -10℃ and widening the spectrum of usage scenarios. Most importantly, the battery health engine of the OPPO Find X7 outperforms industry standards by two times, ensuring a long battery life. After four years of use, battery capacity can still retain over 80%, offering an extended lifespan to users.

Beyond the OPPO Find X7, the launch also includes the OPPO Find X7 Ultra. The Ultra model continues the legacy of the juxtaposed color design from its predecessor, with choices including the blue and white “Sky and Ocean,” the highly regarded “Desert Silver Moon,” and the refined black “Pine Shadow Ink Tune.” The full prism line design of the camera module imparts a refined aesthetic to the phone, while the glossy glass and intricately crafted camera module further enhance the appeal of the OPPO Find X7 Ultra, making it a pleasing piece of technological art.

The camera specs of the OPPO Find X7 Ultra are also noteworthy. Equipped with an unprecedented dual periscope quad-camera setup, including a “3X Ultra-Light-Sensitive Periscope Telephoto, 6X Ultra-Close Periscope Telephoto, a brand new one-inch Wide Angle, and a 50MP Ultra Wide Angle sensor,” the OPPO Find X7 Ultra offers users remarkable multi-zoom capabilities. With the latest super-light-and-shadow image engine and the first Android instant dual-frame technology, combined with Hasselblad’s imaging experience, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra leads the industry in photography and creativity.

In terms of performance, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 flagship chip, one of the top processor platforms available right now, ensuring outstanding performance for the device. Moreover, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra is equipped with satellite communication technology paired with hands-free dual-mode capability, greatly enhancing communication efficiency in emergencies and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

The OPPO Find X7 Ultra features a 6.82-inch diamond screen with a peak brightness of 4500 nits, delivering an exceptional display experience. With a screen pixel density of 510 PPI, the device showcases incredibly detailed visuals. Having received the renowned Displaymate A+ certification globally, the Find X7 Ultra’s screen performance is industry-recognized. In addition, the device comes with the highest TÜV Rheinland rating for eye protection, safeguarding users’ vision.

Regarding battery life, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra boasts a 5000mAh large-capacity battery coupled with 100W SuperVOOC charging and 50W wireless AirVOOC charging. It also supports extreme cold mode, enabling efficient charging even in -20°C conditions, to ensure stable battery performance in diverse usage scenarios.

Last but not least, over the past 20 years, OPPO has become China’s second-largest and the sixth largest patent holder globally, thanks to its outstanding scientific and technological innovation strength. OPPO has more than 50,000 authorized patents, of which 90% are invention patents, mainly in the fields of 5G and AI. Today, OPPO has expanded its operations to over 60 countries, with a global store count reaching 260,000, and ranks among the top three in market share in 20 countries and regions, particularly holding the number one position in Southeast Asian markets like Indonesia. Additionally, in the high-end smartphone market priced above 600 USD (approximately 4000 RMB), OPPO ranks in the top three in 21 countries and regions, which demonstrates its strong market influence and user base.

In conclusion, the OPPO Find X7 series is an exceptionally outstanding flagship smartphone. Its performance, imaging capabilities, display, and design set the benchmark for flagship devices, and even the standard version reaches a Pro-level quality with a highly competitive price. It is undoubtedly an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a new phone.

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