Apple Hike! 2024 iPad Pro Starts Over $1k

Apple’s Price Hike Shocker! iPad Pro 2024 Model Expected to Start Over $1500

Tech news from January 9th indicate that according to insiders, the 2024 edition of the iPad Pro is set for a significant price increase, with the 11-inch version starting at $1500 (approximately 10730 CNY), and the 13-inch version beginning at $1800 (equivalent to roughly 12880 CNY).

By comparison, the current models of the iPad Pro are priced at $799 for the 11-inch and $1099 for the 12.9-inch versions.

The leak suggests that the substantial price rise for the iPad Pro 2024 is due primarily to the increased costs of OLED panels, which Apple sources from LG and Samsung.

The iPad Pro 2024 is expected to feature a cutting-edge tandem stack OLED technology, boasting dual emission layers. Compared to single-layer OLED panels, this double-layered structure could potentially double the screen brightness and quadruple the lifespan, while also saving around 30% on power consumption.

Furthermore, the OLED panels in the iPad Pro 2024 will be capable of completely turning off individual pixels, achieving true black in even the smallest details, a feat that mini-LED panels cannot match at the pixel level.

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