Apple’s big announcement: Starts at ¥25K!

On the evening of January 8th, Apple Inc. announced on their official website that the Apple Vision Pro is set to launch on February 2nd in all Apple retail stores across the United States, as well as in the US Apple online store. This cutting-edge device is priced starting at $3,499, which is approximately 25,000 Chinese yuan, and comes equipped with 256GB of storage space.

Apple describes the Vision Pro as a revolutionary spatial computing device that is transforming the way we work, collaborate, connect, remember, and play. The Vision Pro seamlessly integrates digital content with the physical world and offers the most intuitive input methods through a user’s eyes, hands, and voice, ushering in powerful spatial experiences. A new app store on the device provides users with access to over one million apps compatible with iOS and iPadOS, as well as novel experiences that leverage the unique capabilities of the Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro
Image Source: Apple Official Website

During the WWDC event in 2023, Apple launched the Apple Vision Pro, marking their first significant new product endeavor since the release of the Apple Watch in 2014. It has been reported that the Apple Vision Pro could retail for about 25,000 yuan.

Initially available for sale in the US, Apple has not yet announced a specific release date for the Vision Pro in China.

Apple Vision Pro
Image Source: Apple Official Website

Media reports suggest that due to the premium price, the Vision Pro’s early adopters are likely to comprise professional users and tech enthusiasts willing to pay top dollar for the latest gadget. For the average consumer, spending tens of thousands for an entertainment device might not be an easy decision.

Apple is currently making efforts to convince potential buyers about the value of their product. The Vision Pro’s VisionOS system enables access to more than a million apps across iOS and iPadOS. This means that popular apps on iPhones and iPads will also be usable on the Vision Pro, although the precise usability will be assessed once the product officially goes on sale.

Apple Vision Pro Apps
Image Source: Apple Official Website

Gaming is one of the main use cases established for the Vision Pro. Apple claims that users can enjoy over 200 Apple Arcade games like “NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition” and “Sonic Dreams Team” on the device—Apple’s game subscription service.

Sony and chip manufacturer TSMC supply the Micro OLED technology used for the Vision Pro’s display.

According to estimates from the research firm Canalys, the Vision Pro could face stock shortages in its first year and potentially ramp up to 12.6 million units after five years, which would be roughly 1% of the current iPhone install base. By that time, the Vision Pro’s user base could reach 20 million, or about 15% that of MacBook.

Apple Vision Pro Prediction
Image Source: Apple Official Website

Canalys analysts believe that Apple does not expect to profit from the Vision Pro in its early stages but rather aims to showcase innovation and create an ecosystem for virtual reality. As more consumers adopt these devices, Apple’s revenue and profit margins are expected to rise accordingly.

Media reports quote Canalys analyst Jin Liusun stating that due to limited production, early reservations for the device are likely to come from Apple’s loyal fans and high net worth individuals in the United States. As less expensive versions of the Vision Pro are released, the device’s sales are poised for significant growth from a low base.

Analyst Guo Mingchi from Tianfeng International previously predicted that about 500,000 units of the Vision Pro would be shipped this year. As the product officially goes on sale, Apple faces new challenges—not only from competitors like the existing Meta Quest series but also convincing a growing number of people to accept the device’s high pricing, while also striving to reduce costs and increase production capacity.

As of January 8th, Apple’s stock closed at $185.56, up 2.42%, with a market value of $2.9 trillion.

Apple Stock
Source: Apple Official Website, Daily Economic News, Xinhua Finance, China Fund Report, etc.

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