Xiaomi SU7: Price Unrevealed Explained

Xiaomi Automotive Responds to Top 100 Questions from Netizens

On January 9th, we at CNMO took note that Xiaomi Automotive’s official Weibo account had shared a post titled “Xiaomi Automotive Answers Top 100 Questions from Netizens (Mid Series).” One of the questions addressed was why Xiaomi has not disclosed the price of their vehicles. Some speculate that they might be hesitating after seeing the pricing of other manufacturers. To this inquiry, the official response was an unequivocal no. The December 28th event last year was a Xiaomi Automotive Technology Launch where the primary focus was on technology, although some information about the Xiaomi SU7 was also shared. The company emphasized that there is still much to reveal about the Xiaomi SU7, promising a detailed introduction at the official product launch.

Xiaomi Automotive Technology

Answering the Top 100 Questions from Netizens

Xiaomi Automotive also mentioned: “The automotive industry is indeed quite competitive, but Xiaomi has grown from small beginnings to a significant presence, and we’ve never been afraid. We are still very confident; within the 500,000 yuan price range, the Xiaomi SU7 is peerless.”

Furthermore, the officials addressed a question about the user experience of Xiaomi’s in-car applications. The intelligent experience of new energy vehicles is greatly influenced by the smoothness and humanized design of in-car interactions and the richness and maturity of the application and service ecosystem. This happens to be Xiaomi’s area of expertise. The central control ecosystem’s large screen within Xiaomi vehicles can integrate Xiaomi’s tablet application ecosystem, offering an extremely powerful and innovative interaction experience between the handset and the vehicle.

Xiaomi's In-Car Display Ecosystem

The company points out that “To ensure a good in-vehicle application experience, each app must be carefully selected and meet experience standards to be adapted for use. We have also done a considerable amount of work adapting to different operating conditions to ensure complete and smooth user experiences. We believe that everyone will feel enlightened after trying it.”

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