Leaked: Switch2 with 120Hz Screen, 8GB RAM, 64GB Storage

Nintendo Reportedly Gearing Up for Switch 2 Launch with 120Hz Display: Features 8GB RAM and 64GB Storage

Recent reports from the Economic Daily News in Taiwan suggest that Nintendo is planning to unveil the Switch 2 later this year, packed with NVIDIA’s T239 chip, sporting 8GB of RAM, and offering 64GB of storage. Significant improvements in battery life are anticipated along with an upgraded display refresh rate of 120Hz.

It’s also reported that the price of the new Switch iteration is expected to see a substantial increase—potentially around $100. This price hike is attributed in part to rising manufacturing costs and currency exchange rates affecting the market.

Regarding the supply chain, companies like Hon Hai Precision (also known as Foxconn) are expected to provide the casings, while Largan Precision and Wistron are mentioned as suppliers for sensor ICs and charging components. Yuto Tech is set to supply the MEMS microphones, and Magictale is listed as the provider for fan driver ICs.

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