Win11 Big Update: ‘sudo’ Command Added

January 10, 2024
By: Yao Liwei

Windows 11 Sudo Feature

According to information from the renowned tweeter @XenoPanther, the latest version of the Windows 11 operating system is set to introduce support for the “sudo” command. “Sudo” stands for “superuser do,” and it allows standard users to execute specific programs and operations with administrative privileges.

At present, the “sudo” command-line utility is available in Windows but requires installing Scoop or through the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) to be usable. If the developer mode is enabled, users can directly use the “sudo” command in Command Prompt and PowerShell interfaces.

This update unquestionably provides a more flexible and convenient control method for regular users and is expected to enhance the system’s stability and security further. With the addition of more new features, we can look forward to Windows 11 becoming even more impressive in the future.

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