MediaTek’s AI Enhances Hisense Smart TV Streaming Quality

January 11, 2024 – MediaTek has announced plans to further enhance its longstanding partnership with Hisense. Leading the charge, Hisense has adopted MediaTek’s Pentonic series of smart TV chips, significantly elevating the quality of streaming content. Starting in 2024, MediaTek’s AI-powered Super Resolution Technology (AI-SR) will be integrated across Hisense’s comprehensive range of smart TVs.

Regardless of a smart TV’s native screen resolution, unstable network transmission rates can adversely affect the quality of streaming content. MediaTek’s AI Super Resolution Technology expertly addresses this issue by seamlessly enhancing content streams. This innovative technology can upscale original content from FHD to a 4K viewing experience. By performing intelligent image analysis, the AI-SR technology automatically eliminates compression artifacts and restores lost details, significantly improving the clarity of the streamed content.

Furthermore, MediaTek’s AI Super Resolution Technology can intelligently upscale content resolutions like FHD and UHD to 4K to match the native resolution of smart TV screens, and it also supports cloud gaming applications. The technology includes a latency compensation feature, ensuring that gamers not only enjoy high-quality gaming visuals but also experience the joy of low-latency gameplay.

Chen Jun-Kun, General Manager of MediaTek’s TV business division, stated: “With MediaTek’s cutting-edge chip technology, combined with the Pentonic series’ exceptional AI Super Resolution capabilities and Hisense’s newly developed image quality technology for supporting AI-SR, we are making immersive, cinema-grade entertainment experiences more accessible. The MediaTek Pentonic series will empower global smart TV manufacturers to introduce AI Super Resolution Technology in the next generation of 8K and 4K smart TVs.”

Doug Kern, Director of Product Marketing at Hisense USA, commented: “Working together with an industry titan like MediaTek will propel Hisense into a new era of TV content innovation. Hisense is committed to delivering superior performance, premium quality, and exceptional value to our users—values that will continue to drive our progress. By incorporating advanced AI Super Resolution Technology into our full lineup of 144Hz TVs, we are setting a new benchmark for visual experiences.”

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