Apple Vision Pro: Face-Scan Sizing, Engraving

Apple’s Vision Pro Headset to Require Facial Scan for Proper Sizing

On January 12th, it was reported by a source, Aaron Perris, that dug deep into the Apple Store app code and discovered that consumers will need to undergo a facial scan before purchasing the Vision Pro headset. This is to ensure that Apple provides the correct headset component size.

Apple Vision Pro

The code within the Apple Store app states: “You can determine the size of the Apple Vision Pro by scanning your face.”

Apple has already launched the ‘Head Measure and Fit’ application to assist consumers in purchasing the appropriate Vision Pro headset.

Currently, Apple offers a variety of sizes for Light Seals and Head Bands. The option to determine the size through scanning indicates that customers will not need to visit an Apple retail store to determine the right size.

The Vision Pro will come with a Solo Knit Band and a Dual Loop Band, the latter having a second strap to be worn over the head to distribute weight more evenly. Additionally, it includes a Light Seal and two Light Seal pads.

The code also suggests that Apple may allow engraving on the Vision Pro, but the location for engraving is currently unclear.

[Source: IT Home]

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