From $685, Honor Magic6 Launches

Honor Magic6

The Honor Magic6, representing the new generation of flagship devices, has undergone comprehensive upgrades in six key areas: connectivity, battery life, display, glass technology, imaging, and AI performance.

On the evening of January 11, 2024, Honor officially launched its new flagship smartphone line, the Honor Magic6 series. The Magic6 is available in three configurations: 12+256GB, 16+256GB, and 16+512GB, starting at ¥4399; while the Magic6 Pro comes in 12+256GB, 16+512GB, and 16GB+1TB versions, starting at ¥5699.

Honor Magic6 RF Enhancement

Thanks to the new proprietary RF enhancement chip, HONOR C1+, the Honor Magic6 series achieves a significant breakthrough in antenna performance, with a maximum transmission gain increase of 41% and a reception gain increase of 51%. This ensures a smooth experience in areas with weak signals, such as basements and subways, where frequent signal switching occurs.

Honor Magic6 Satellite Communication

The new direct satellite communication technology significantly reduces the satellite chip’s overall size by nearly 40%, enabling real-time voice communication and two-way messaging. With faster satellite connectivity and lower power consumption, the Honor Magic6 Pro can sustain 8 minutes of real-time voice communication or send 16 two-way text messages on just a 5% battery charge.

Honor Magic6 Display Technology

The new screen light-gathering technology allows the Honor Magic6 to reach a peak brightness of 5000nits, enhancing visibility in bright outdoor light and providing superior contrast and detail in HDR video playback. The series supports Dolby Vision and HDR Vivid for an authoritative display experience and is the first in the Android sector to introduce full-range low power consumption LTPO display technology with a 1Hz ultra-low refresh rate.

Honor Magic6 Glass

In addition, the Honor Magic6 series supports five advanced eye protection technologies, including ultra-high frequency 4320Hz PWM dimming and natural color display. The screen material, Honor’s proprietary Rhinoceros Glass, has improved crystal density by 50% and has passed Swiss SGS five-star anti-fall certification under multiple scenarios.

Honor Magic6 Battery

Powering the series is the second-generation Qinghai Lake battery, enhanced by Honor’s own energy efficiency chip HONOR E1. This brings the battery capacity up to 5450mAh for the Magic6 and 5600mAh for the Magic6 Pro, with support for up to 66W and 80W wired fast charging, and 50W and 66W wireless charging, respectively. The series has also seen a 70% improvement in the freedom and range of wireless charging.

Honor Magic6 Camera Technology

The camera hardware of the series includes a custom-designed 50-million-pixel ultra-dynamic “Eagle Eye” primary shooter, offering exceptional dynamic capture capabilities. It features an F1.4 large variable aperture that supports intelligent adjustment between F1.4 and F2.0, is equipped with an industry-leading 1/1.49-inch large sensor and a 180-million-pixel periscope telephoto lens, and offers three different shooting styles to satisfy users’ needs across various scenarios.

Honor Magic6 AI Technology

All models in the Honor Magic6 series are equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip and come with the upgraded MagicOS 8.0 operating system. The most notable upgrade is the incorporation of edge-side AI capabilities, which offers a new paradigm of human-computer interaction based on the platform-level AI model, supported by personalized learning and habituation features within the Honor system.

Honor Magic6 Availability

The Honor Magic6 series started pre-sales on January 11, 2024, and officially went on sale on January 18 at 10:08 AM in the Honor online store, various authorized e-commerce platforms, Honor experience stores, and authorized retail shops. Additionally, the Honor 6 teamed up with Porsche Design to launch the Honor Magic V2 RSR foldable phone, featuring a streamlined design, a 5D feather-light build, and a master-tuned onyx grey color scheme by Stuttgart’s original factory, priced at ¥15999.

Honor Watch 4 Pro

The Honor Watch 4 Pro, featuring a “one main, two auxiliary” triple-chip design, promises up to 10 days of extended battery life, supports eSIM and dual-standby capabilities, and is available in two new color styles—white and green. The pricing remains competitive, starting at ¥1599, and it is already on sale.


The author of this article is Sun Xiaoshu from Kick Car Gang.

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