Honor Magic6 on CCTV! Kang Hui: Ushers Era of Satellite Phones

The Latest “Anchors Talk” Video Released by CCTV News: Honor Magic6 Series Leads the Way into the Satellite Era

Today, CCTV News released the latest episode of “Anchors Talk,” in which Kang Hui stated that the Honor Magic6 series will lead mobile communication into the satellite era.

Kang Hui mentioned that the domestically produced and technologically advanced Honor Magic6 series, with its self-developed artificial intelligence operating system and extended battery life, has achieved breakthroughs, and it seems to perfectly complement the “ice and snow world” of “尔滨” (most likely referring to Harbin).

Most importantly, this phone is equipped with satellite communication technology, and Honor hopes to make direct satellite connectivity a standard feature for ordinary smartphones through open collaboration, leading mobile communication into the satellite era.

“This kind of ‘magic,’ this kind of Chinese manufacturing, will definitely bring more honor.”

It’s worth noting that the recently released Honor Magic6 Pro, equipped with the surpassing Huawei’s Honor Swallow communication technology, is currently the best satellite communication solution available in the market.

In terms of satellite acquisition speed, the Honor Magic6 Pro’s satellite connection time of just 21 seconds represents a 40% improvement over the Huawei Mate 60 Pro’s 34 seconds, achieving the fastest connection speed so far.

After connecting to the satellite, the Honor Magic6 Pro achieved a cumulative standby time of 25 hours in satellite connection status, representing a 50% reduction in standby power consumption compared to the Huawei Mate 60 Pro’s 11 hours.

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