Honor Magic6 Series Unveiled: Satellite Connectivity Era Nears for Domestic Phones

Honor Magic6 Series

On January 11, Hubei Daily (reporter Huang Lei) reported that Honor had launched a new generation of flagship smartphones, the Honor Magic6 series, which includes the Honor Magic6 and Honor Magic6 Pro. The series has made groundbreaking technological innovations in the areas of communication, battery life, screen, glass, imaging, and AI, bringing innovative experiences such as the Honor Hongyan Communication solution, which reconstructs direct satellite communication for mobile phones, and the newly upgraded second-generation Qinghai Lake battery.

The Honor Magic6 Pro features a new and improved direct satellite communication technology solution called the Honor Hongyan Communication, supporting real-time voice and two-way SMS with the fastest satellite connection speed in the industry to date. It reduces satellite connection time and power consumption for satellite calls. In extreme scenarios with 5% super low battery, it can support 8 minutes of real-time voice communication or send 16 two-way SMS. Honor also stated its intention to share this solution across the industry chain, promote rapid industry development, and hopes that satellite communication for smart terminals can truly enter every household, leading domestic smartphones into the era of satellite communication.

Honor Magic6 Series Hongyan Communication

The Honor Magic6 series also features the newly upgraded second-generation Qinghai Lake battery. This technology, along with the self-developed energy-efficient chip HONOR E1 and the Honor Dujiangyan Power Management System, enables the Honor Magic6 to have a battery capacity of 5450mAh, and the Honor Magic6 Pro to have a battery capacity of 5600mAh.

Honor has also introduced the AI-powered operating system MagicOS 8.0. The Magic6 series debuts with Honor’s self-developed platform-level AI large model “Magic Large Model,” with human-computer interaction becoming more intelligent. Through the new “Anydoor” interaction feature, various cross-application operations can be quickly accessed with a simple drag, such as dragging a chat containing an address to the right sidebar of the system to prompt the taxi app to automatically initiate a request to the destination. The “Intelligent Composition” feature, based on the large model’s semantic understanding capacity, allows users to describe their needs in a single sentence, automatically editing into a composition. “Dynamic Capsule”, leveraging eye-tracking technology, intelligently understands the user’s every intention by analyzing changes in eye direction and dwell time, among other factors.

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