Kuo: Apple Vision Pro might sell out with initial 60-80K stock

Analyst Predicts Apple’s Vision Pro May Face Supply Shortage Upon Release

On January 12th, according to a report by TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s first mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, may face supply shortage upon its initial release.

Kuo stated on social media that Apple plans to officially launch the product on February 2nd, with a starting price of $3499. However, due to a relatively small production scale of only 60,000 to 80,000 units planned for shipment, Kuo predicts that the Vision Pro may quickly sell out. In comparison, Apple usually sells around 225 million iPhones annually.

As a leading analyst in Apple’s supply chain, Kuo’s forecast highlights the potential supply and demand tension that this flagship product from Apple may encounter.

Last summer, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro and recently revealed its pre-order details, with the product set to launch in the United States in February. This indicates that Apple has tightly controlled and planned the launch of Vision Pro, opting not to promote the product through a large-scale event.

Wall Street analysts generally believe that the Vision Pro may not significantly impact Apple’s sales performance in the short term, but they will closely monitor consumer feedback to predict the market prospects for future iterations of the product.

Tech experts are curious about how people will use Vision Pro. In last year’s demonstration, Apple showcased some potential applications of Vision Pro, such as serving as a substitute for laptops, viewing 3D movies, and immersive panoramic environments.

Vision Pro

Kuo mentioned on social media, “Apple is expected to have about 60,000 to 80,000 units prepared before the launch, and due to the limited quantity, I believe it will quickly sell out after the launch.”

He added, “Although Apple has not yet clearly indicated the product positioning and key features of Vision Pro, and faces criticism regarding its high price, the user experience created by its groundbreaking innovative technology (such as the illusion of controlling the user interface through thoughts) and the substantial number of Apple’s core fans and heavy users should easily lead to it being sold out after release.”

Since the release of the Apple Watch in 2014, Vision Pro is Apple’s first significant new product. This headset seamlessly integrates the real world with Apple’s software on an internal display using an array of cameras and sensors. Each user will require personalized settings and customization, including custom lenses for users who wear glasses.

With the Vision Pro’s release date approaching, Apple is making preparations. They have sent emails to customers inviting them to pre-order demo versions of the device and have invited developers to develop and upload software for the headset. This week, Apple has even started advertising Vision Pro in the United States.

[Source: Netease Technology]

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