Luo Accuses Honor of Copying

Honor Unveils the Magic 6 Series of Smartphones

On January 11th, Honor officially launched the all-new flagship smartphone series Honor Magic 6, equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 flagship chip. It also introduced the Honor Hongyan communication with direct satellite communication solution, the upgraded second-generation Qinghai Lake battery, the extremely durable Honor Giant Rhino Glass, the professional-grade Honor Eagle Eye camera, the Honor Oasis eye protection technology, and the self-developed MagicOS 8.0 system, offering innovative experiences. The starting price is 4399 yuan.

During the prior day’s Honor MagicOS 8.0 launch event and developer conference, Honor officially unveiled its self-developed operating system, MagicOS 8.0 and the industry’s first platform-level AI-enabled intent recognition for human-computer interaction, defining a new paradigm for intelligent terminal interaction.

According to reports, Honor released a self-developed 7 billion parameter large model, “Magic Large Model,” on the Magic 6 series, enhancing the operating system’s “new core” – the platform-level AI, further creating a personalized operating system that becomes more intuitive with increased usage.

Honor Terminal CEO Zhao Ming stated that in the new era of AI, Chinese smartphone manufacturers represented by Honor will collaborate with Chinese internet companies. They will create AI application services best suited for local culture and social patterns, empowering the personal productivity and creativity of two hundred million Honor users. This will lead to globally acclaimed technological innovations. He expressed his belief that the strength of Chinese AI will become the pride of the world.

Notably, a feature brought by MagicOS 8.0’s IUI, “Portal,” has sparked some controversy. “Portal” is based on intent recognition and enables services to achieve cross-application, cross-device direct access and intelligent flow. Currently, Honor’s Portal supports over 100 mainstream Chinese applications and services, covering seven major high-frequency scenarios including travel, office, social, search, entertainment, shopping, and dining.

Subsequently, Luo Yonghao accused Honor’s “Portal” of plagiarizing the One Step feature of the Smartisan phone, and challenged Zhao Ming, stating “This is a blatant copy of Smartisan’s One Step feature. Mr. Zhao, were you deceived by your product team? You’re not Apple, after all.”

In response, Zhao Ming stated in a media interview after the Magic 6 series launch event yesterday, that they would send a Honor phone to Luo Yonghao for him to experience it.

Zhao Ming further explained that the Honor Portal was already introduced in the first generation of MagicOS. The interaction logic is to prepare the answers and directly reach them in the quickest way possible, without requiring users to operate further. Mere single intent recognition was possible before, now AI can discern intent and keywords in a piece of text, facilitating a completely new form of interaction with multiple intents. From using the input method, the card (MagicUI 5.0), to now, it’s all on a single interface.

During the Honor MagicOS 8.0 launch event and developer conference, Zhao Ming also extensively discussed the hardships Honor faced during its initial independence. “Honor has always been labeled as the rich second generation. I think this might be the biggest misunderstanding about Honor. When Honor was at its most difficult, we could barely pay salaries.” The Honor 50 phone was developed under the pressure of 211 days of intensive work. When the Beijing team was struggling, engineers from Shenzhen and other places halted their ongoing projects to collectively complete the Honor 50 phone. They witnessed the future in the midst of the “Autumn Winds.” “Now, Honor has a lot of money in its accounts.”

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