iPhone 16 Pro Adopts Touch Buttons

iPhone 16 Pro to Introduce Capacitive Touch Buttons, Eliminating Physical Keys

On January 13th, according to the latest report from MacRumors, Apple has made changes to the button layout in the current engineering model of the iPhone 16 Pro.

In this latest version of the engineering model, the operation buttons of the iPhone 16 Pro have been replaced with capacitive touch buttons, eliminating the physical button setup.

iPhone 16 Pro

In fact, there were rumors back in 2022 that Apple would adopt similar capacitive buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro, referred to as “solid-state keys,” similar to the pressure-sensitive Home button on models such as the iPhone 7/8/SE2.

Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted that in order to better simulate the feedback of the volume and power buttons, Apple would add two Taptic Engine motors on both sides of the device, for a total of three motors.

Taptic Engine Motors

This would enable the “solid-state keys” to provide an extremely realistic physical button feedback, making the user feel as if they are pressing on a physical key.

Apple has always been pursuing a completely portless design, aiming to completely eliminate ports and buttons.

Currently, it seems that the process of eliminating buttons will clearly be faster than getting rid of ports. If the iPhone 16 Pro eventually goes into mass production with capacitive touch buttons, depending on market feedback, physical keys might be completely eliminated on the iPhone 17 Pro.

iPhone Buttons

iPhone Buttons

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