Samsung S24 Series: 10% Faster Touch

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The release of the Samsung S24 series is less than a week away, and there are more and more leaks about the new phones. It has been reported recently that the screens of the Samsung S24 series will see a comprehensive upgrade. The touch response speed of the three new phones will be increased by 10%.

It is understood that besides the improvement in touch response efficiency, the increase in screen touch response rate will also bring a new upgrade for the Samsung S24 Ultra. During the use of the S Pen stylus, the screen will be able to display pen input information more quickly, providing users with a smoother handwriting experience.

In addition to the higher touch response rate, the screen of the Samsung S24 series will also be the strongest screen Samsung has ever produced. Its peak brightness reaches up to 2600 nits, a significant improvement compared to the previous generation’s peak brightness of 1750 nits. This means that the content on the screen of the Samsung S24 series will remain clearly visible even in bright outdoor lighting conditions.

With the release of the Samsung S24 series drawing closer, we will be on-site in the United States to report on the launch event for these new Samsung products.

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