Samsung vs Apple vs OPPO: 2024’s Top Picks

Comparison of Portrait Modes in Smartphone Cameras

A colleague of mine recently criticized my purchase of the Samsung S23U, but now it seems like I made the right choice. The portraits it captures are so beautiful. When will Apple learn to do the same? I came across some comparison photos of portrait modes from the Samsung S23U, iPhone15 PM, and OPPO Find X7 Ultra online. Let’s discuss the advantages of each briefly.

I feel that the Samsung S23 Ultra caters more to the popular aesthetic preferences of Asians. The beauty filter makes the skin appear fairer, and the difference is evident when you look at the last photo with 6X zoom. The background blur is also done quite well, and the algorithm is impressive. Overall, it looks quite beautiful.

On the other hand, the iPhone15 Pro Max focuses on realism. It retains facial flaws, and the clarity at 3X and 6X is above average. However, there are no traces of beauty filters, so it’s not suitable for “lazy” individuals. It’s more suitable for post-editing and offers a lot of flexibility.

Finally, the OPPO Find X7 Ultra has always been known for its superior portrait mode. The clarity of the dual telephoto lenses this time is impressive. What I like the most is its background blur. When looking at the portrait samples at 3X zoom, don’t they resemble images from a Hasselblad camera? It features a new generation Ultra Imaging System, and its beauty filter falls somewhere between Apple and Samsung, preserving natural skin texture while making the subject look more radiant. So, you can post on social media without much editing.

Which portrait mode do you prefer? I think each brand has its own style, so it depends on your personal taste.

Samsung S23U
iPhone15 PM
OPPO Find X7 Ultra

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