Win11 Preview Adds USB4 v2.0

Windows 11 Dev Preview Build 23615 Update

微软向Windows 11 Dev预览版用户发布了最新的Build 23615预览版更新

Recently, Microsoft released the latest Build 23615 preview update for Windows 11 Dev Preview users. This update primarily focuses on support for the USB4 v2.0 standard. Microsoft has announced that starting from this version, the Windows system will officially support the 80Gbps USB4 standard and will initially be applicable to devices with the 14th Gen HX series of Intel Core mobile processors, such as the Razer Blade 18 laptop.

The USB-IF association introduced the USB4 v2.0 specification in 2022, naming it USB 80Gbps. This specification adopts a new physical layer architecture, achieving the highest data transfer rate from 40Gbps to 80Gbps (10GB/s) through the PAM3 signal encoding mechanism. Additionally, USB4 v2.0 is fully compatible with the latest DisplayPort 2.1, supporting 240Hz refresh rates for 4K monitors without compression and providing power to these displays.

In addition to the support for USB4 v2.0, this update also improves the functionality of the sharing menu. Now, users can share the URL content of shared files to applications such as WhatsApp, GmailX, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Furthermore, a new button has been added in the settings to allow users of ultrawide monitors to easily enable the Copilot feature upon system startup.

At the same time, Microsoft has also addressed some bugs related to the Task Manager and Windows sharing in this update.

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