OneXPlayer X1: 3-in-1 PC with Core Ultra CPU; Over 3h Gaming Battery

In recent years, the PC market has been plagued by homogenization, particularly in the realm of laptops where products from various manufacturers often seem indistinguishable. This has led to increasing competition within the industry and a degree of choice paralysis for consumers who find it difficult to discern one product from another. However, this environment also provides an opportunity for companies to stand out by introducing unique products. One such company, OneXPlayer, took advantage of this opportunity by launching innovative devices during their Spring 2024 product release event. They unveiled the OneXPlayer X1, a 3-in-1 PC, and the ONEXGPU, a sleek and powerful graphics card, both designed to offer users a versatile computing experience across various scenarios.

OneXPlayer X1

ONEXGPU Graphics Card

The OneXPlayer X1 3-in-1 PC is a versatile device that can be used as a handheld console, a laptop, or a tablet with simple switching between modes. It features a 10.95-inch screen with what the manufacturer considers the “golden ratio” size for balancing entertainment and work. The screen offers a 2560X1600 resolution, 540nit brightness, 138% sRGB color gamut, and an impressive 120Hz refresh rate. Crafted with a CNC precision-carved shell made from 6000 series aviation-grade aluminum, the device weighs just 789 grams, making it easy to hold and carry around.

OneXPlayer X1 Modes

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OneXPlayer X1 Design

OneXPlayer X1 Performance

Under the hood, the OneXPlayer X1 packs an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H processor, constructed using Intel’s 4-process technology and paired with an Intel Arc architecture GPU with 128 EUs and a 2.25GHz frequency. Benchmark scores from Master Lu surpass 1.3 million, and it achieved a 3DMark graphics score of 3799 points, a significant improvement over the previous generation. Gaming performance is robust, with titles such as “” running at 60 frames per second, while “Marvel’s Spider-Man” hits 78 frames per second at 800P resolution. The unit features LPDDR5X 7467MHz high-frequency, low-power memory, supporting up to 64GB, and a PCIe 4.0 SSD with read speeds of 7114MB/s.

OneXPlayer X1 Gaming

Effective heat dissipation is crucial for ensuring the device performs well. The OneXPlayer X1 employs a combination of thermal pads and copper plates, including dual pure copper heat pipes, pure aluminum fins, and a bearing fan. Even after running “Cyberpunk 2077” for an hour, the CPU core temperature remains at a comfortable 72°C with a maximum surface temperature of 46.3°C. Considering its mobile nature, the device includes a 65.02Wh battery, providing over 3 hours of gaming time, with dedicated times for popular games like “Valorant” and “Genshin Impact”. Office work can last up to 8 hours, and local video playback extends to 11 hours. To alleviate any charging anxiety, the PC supports a 100W GaN fast charging, reaching a 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

OneXPlayer X1 Battery Life

For game controls, the OneXPlayer X1 comes with Hall linear triggers, an 8.1mm travel distance, and 150-gram actuation force. The shoulder buttons have a precise 0.2-1mm key travel, and two custom macro programming buttons allow players to tailor the controller to their preferences. The PC also includes a native OCulink port supporting PCIe 4.0X4 connectivity at 63Gbps bandwidth, along with standard USB Type-C and Type-A ports.

OneXPlayer X1 Controls

OneXPlayer X1 Ports

To make a mark in the crowded mobile PC space, exceptional hardware is just one part of the equation—the software experience needs to be equally strong. For gamers, having control over their device is key. The OneXPlayer X1 includes a built-in gaming hub, providing features like a super game library, customizable controller settings, and an easy-access performance tuning control center for a personalized experience.

OneXPlayer X1 Software

OneXPlayer X1 Gaming Hub

While the OneXPlayer X1 is already a performance-driven PC, gamers looking for an even more impressive experience might be interested in a dedicated gaming graphics card. The ONEXGPU graphics card, another product launched by OneXPlayer, measures a mere 188mm by 32mm in size—80% smaller than conventional graphics cards—and is made from 6063 series aviation-grade aluminum. It features an AMD Radeon RX 7600M XT GPU supporting AMD’s RDNA 3 architecture with 32 CUs, 2048 stream processors, 64 raster units, and a core frequency of 1200MHz, consuming up to 120W of power. It also comes with 8GB of VRAM and scores 9440 points in 3DMark benchmarks.

ONEXGPU Graphics Card Specs

The ONEXGPU card provides a quiet and cool experience, combining a large VC heat spreader with traditional dual-pipe air cooling. It also supports up to 100W of reverse charging and has connections such as Oculink for 63Gbps data transfer and USB 4 for 40Gbps bandwidth. It features HDMI 2.1, DP, RJ45 ports, and M.2 PCIe 3.0 for up to 8TB of storage expansion.

ONEXGPU Graphics Card Cooling

ONEXGPU Graphics Card Ports

Price is always a significant factor, and the OneXPlayer X1 3-in-1 PC is available in four versions: the 16GB+1TB model debuts at 5999 yuan, the 32GB+1TB at 7299 yuan, the 32GB+2TB at 7799 yuan, and the 64GB+4TB version tailored for hardcore enthusiasts at 9999 yuan. The ONEXGPU graphics card is priced at 4299 yuan.

OneXPlayer X1 Pricing

There’s no doubt the laptop market is fiercely competitive, with manufacturers pushing their products to the limit. The debut of the OneXPlayer X1 bridges the gap between varying user needs and takes a giant leap towards becoming the ultimate all-in-one device. However, to achieve outstanding gaming frame rates on this powerful PC, it’s essential for OneXPlayer to collaborate with Intel and ensure that gaming drivers are promptly updated to match the latest AAA titles.

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