Microsoft Sets AI PC Specs: 16GB RAM, 40 TOPS

Microsoft to Set New Standards for AI PC Configuration

On January 18, IT Home reported that both Tom’s Hardware and market research firm TrendForce indicated that Microsoft is establishing a series of new “minimum entry requirements” for the configuration of AI PCs.

According to the reports, AI PCs will require a higher minimum memory configuration, with TrendForce specifying that a minimum of 16GB of memory will be needed for AI PCs.

Additionally, for a new computer to be defined as an “AI PC,” both TrendForce and Tom’s Hardware’s sources stated that it would need at least 40 TOPS of computing power to meet the standard.

TrendForce’s analysis report also pointed out that the (new version of) Windows operating system will once again drive an increase in the minimum acceptable memory capacity for new PCs. To smoothly and responsively run Microsoft’s Copilot AI assistant, new PCs will require sufficient local computing power.

Source: Intel

The organization also noted that Intel’s Meteor Lake, which was launched in December last year, has a combined computing power of up to 34 TOPS, “temporarily not meeting Microsoft’s standards.” Following this, Intel is set to release the Lunar Lake processor, which is expected to exceed the 40 TOPS threshold by the end of this year.

As previously reported by IT Home during CES 2024, Intel announced that the Arrow Lake processor (for desktop and mobile platforms) and the Lunar Lake processor (for mobile platforms) will be launched this year.

Michelle Johnston Holthaus, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Client Computing Group, stated that these processors are in the “deep and final stages.” She added that Arrow Lake will be the first PC gaming processor with AI capabilities. It’s worth noting that AMD recently launched the latest Ryzen desktop processors, also equipped with AI capabilities, creating some debate around this statement.

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