Apple Tops Samsung, OPPO Holds Strong in Global Phone Market

Mobile Market Report 2023

In 2023, it truly was a magical year for the mobile phone market, not only showing signs of recovery, but also witnessing continuous changes in the landscape. According to the 2023 global mobile phone market data report released by the authoritative research firm IDC, Apple, with a sales volume of 234 million and a market share of 20.1%, rose to the global TOP1, overtaking the perennially dominant Samsung. This marks the first time in Apple’s history that it has ranked first in global sales volume, and its market share has also reached a historic high.

Apple and Samsung Market Share

In addition to the stable performance of Apple and Samsung, domestic manufacturers also performed well in 2023. OPPO, with a market share of 8.8% and a total shipment of 103 million, maintained its position in the top four of the global smartphone market, with a global user base exceeding 600 million, spanning over 60 countries and regions.

OPPO Market Share

Of course, achieving such commendable results is largely thanks to OPPO’s outstanding product strength. In 2023, OPPO launched several innovative products covering multiple price segments, including the imaging flagship Find X6 series and the folding flagship Find N3 series, attracting the attention of numerous consumers and further promoting its high-end advancements. Data indicates that in the first half of 2023, OPPO ranked third in the high-end smartphone market segment above $600, following only Apple and Huawei, demonstrating remarkable performance in the high-end category.

OPPO Find N3

For instance, the Find X6 series immediately became the industry’s top imaging flagship, garnering significant user acclaim. Sales on e-commerce platforms increased by 129%, driving a 133% increase in sales in the 6-8K price segment for OPPO. In the folding screen smartphone market, OPPO’s folding phones held a 20% market share in the first half of 2023 in China, with the Find N2 Flip capturing a 31% market share, leading the vertical folding screen market. The release of the Find N3 series in the second half of the year, with its powerful imaging capabilities, enhanced security features, and exceptional system interaction experience, received unanimous praise from domestic and international media, further helping OPPO maintain its position in the global TOP4.

In the mid-range product category, OPPO introduced the Reno110 and Reno11 series in 2023, both favored by many consumers for their stylish appearance and powerful imaging capabilities. The Reno11 Super Standard Edition, in particular, featured a rare single-lens portrait camera in the same price range, as well as a flagship super imaging engine, resulting in outstanding imaging performance. Within 30 minutes of being available online, the sales volume of the Reno11 Super Standard Edition increased by 288% compared to the previous generation OPPO Reno10, demonstrating a remarkable sales performance.

OPPO Reno11 and Reno11 Super Standard Edition

In addition to its strong product capabilities, OPPO’s successful “secret” also stems from its robust research and development strength. It is reported that OPPO’s global patent applications have exceeded 98,000, with more than 54,000 patents granted globally, including over 89,000 invention patents. OPPO ranks in the top six globally for PCT applications, and maintains a leading position in patents in the fields of imaging, 5G communication, and AI, possessing a substantial patent reserve.

OPPO Patent Applications

It is this substantial technical reserve that allows OPPO to achieve significant results in self-developed technology. For instance, the recently released OPPO Find X7 series is the first to be equipped with OPPO’s self-trained large model, AndesGPT. This has realized the industry’s first deployment of a 7-billion parameter model at the client-end, enabling natural language understanding, text content summarization, and call voice summarization through the empowerment of AndesGPT for Little O. Meanwhile, the Find X series achieved record-breaking sales once again, introducing the first dual periscope quadruple main camera module, igniting the market with its exceptional multi-camera zoom capabilities. On the first day of sales, the total channel sales exceeded the previous generation by 317%, proving that under the strong support of its formidable research and development capabilities and outstanding product strength, OPPO is well-loved by consumers.

OPPO Find X7 Ultra

Notably, in a recently released “2023 China Brand Overseas Influence TOP100” list by the China Business Data Center, OPPO ranked in the top four among numerous domestic brands. This clearly indicates that with stronger technological research and development capabilities, OPPO’s brand influence is steadily increasing, and its commercial value overseas is also on the rise, naturally leading to better sales performance.

Summing up the above data, it is evident that as user demands for smartphones are gradually increasing, relying solely on “spec stacking” is no longer a sufficient reason for purchasing. What people need are products with technology and differentiation, providing a better user experience. By continuously deepening its patent technology and adhering to innovative research and development, OPPO can allow its products to be embraced by a wide consumer base and achieve a global TOP4 status. With this momentum, it is expected that OPPO’s future market performance will only continue to improve, which is definitely something to look forward to.

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