Apple’s Vision Pro Repair Costs: Glass $799, Up to $2399

News from IT House on January 20th

The much-anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset began pre-sales in the United States, and soon after, the official website revealed the repair cost information.

Apple Vision Pro

Currently, the website displays two items: “Damage to the glass cover” and “Other damage”. Apple stated that users can pay to replace the cracked glass cover, as accidental damage is not covered by warranty.

In terms of pricing, replacing a new glass cover costs $799 (approximately ¥5761 at the current exchange rate). If users have purchased AppleCare+, the cost is $299 (approximately ¥2156).

Repair costs

As for “Other damage,” Apple has not yet disclosed which parts are included, but the pricing is in line with Apple’s consistent style: a “mere” $2399 (approximately ¥17297). If users have purchased AppleCare+, the price remains at $299 (approximately ¥2156).

Other damage

Furthermore, Apple also offers a paid battery replacement service. If users have AppleCare+ and the product’s battery capacity is less than 80% of the original capacity, they qualify for a free battery replacement.

Battery replacement

The AppleCare+ service for this headset is priced at $499 (approximately ¥3598), consistent with similar-priced Mac models. AppleCare+ includes unlimited repairs for accidental damage, Apple-certified service and support, fast replacement service, and priority access to “Apple experts” at all times.

According to IT House’s report last night, the top-of-the-line Vision Pro headset with all optional accessories is priced at $4795.95, $1296.95 more than the starting price of $3499.

Vision Pro pricing

  • Apple Vision Pro Headset: $3499
  • 256GB upgrade to 1TB storage configuration: +$400
  • Zeiss optical lenses – prescription: +$149
  • AppleCare+: +$499
  • Apple Vision Pro Belkin Battery Clip (protects the battery and facilitates wearing): +$49.95

Optional accessories

  • Apple Vision Pro Travel Carrying Case: +$199

Travel case

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