ASUS Launches USB4 Card: Dual Ports, 60W PD Charging

Release of New ASUS USB4 Expansion Card with 60W Fast Charging

ASUS USB4 Expansion Card

Recently, ASUS unveiled its latest USB4 expansion card, which offers fast charging of up to 60W. It is reported that this product is equipped with the advanced ASM4242 controller from ASUS, making it one of the most comprehensive USB4 solutions currently available in the market.

This USB4 expansion card requires a PCIe 4.0×4 interface and comes with two USB4 ports, supporting USB PD fast charging technology with a maximum output of 60W. Additionally, it features daisy chaining capability, allowing connection to up to 5 USB4 devices. Furthermore, it includes two DP-in ports for receiving video output from a graphics card.

To use this product, users need to connect it to the USB 2.0 expansion pin on the motherboard and to the USB4Header or TB(USB4)Header on the motherboard, and then insert a 6-pin PCIe power cable. Although most motherboards currently do not come with USB4 ports, there is still significant market demand for this product. This is especially true for consumers who wish to utilize USB4 ports without having to upgrade their platforms.

Unfortunately, ASUS has not yet disclosed the price of this USB4 expansion card, but it is expected to be released in the near future.

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