Genshin Impact Edition of OnePlus Ace 3 Coming Soon!

Oneplus Announces Collaboration with Genshin Impact for the Launch of Oneplus Ace 3 Genshin Impact Custom Edition

On January 19th, Oneplus announced its collaboration with Genshin Impact, revealing that the collaborative character of the new Genshin Impact custom edition for Oneplus Ace 3 will officially debut in a preview of the Genshin Impact 4.4 version tomorrow night at 8 p.m.


The collaboration between Oneplus and Genshin Impact has been long-standing. In February 2023, Oneplus announced a three-year strategic partnership with Genshin Impact. Li Jie stated that in the next three years, from technology to products, from collaboration to planning, everything is being steadily implemented and progressed. Oneplus has invested one billion in establishing the “Oneplus-Genshin Impact Experience Optimization Laboratory,” dedicated to bringing the best and most seamless gaming experience on Oneplus phones.


Previously, Oneplus has collaborated with Genshin Impact on several new models, including the Oneplus 9RT Genshin Impact Limited Edition Gift Box and the Oneplus Ace Pro Genshin Impact Limited Edition, among others. According to official information, the new Genshin Impact custom edition of Oneplus Ace 3 will officially debut on February 28th. In addition to the new limited color scheme and custom packaging, as well as multiple custom peripherals, it will also feature the industry’s first mysterious projection technology. The official claim is to “set a new benchmark for customized phones in 2024!”


According to a well-known digital blogger on Weibo, the Genshin Impact character co-branded with Oneplus this time might be Keqing, as the purple tone in the official leak images and videos matches the character’s positioning and image.


Oneplus Ace 3 was released on January 4th this year, equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 flagship processor, starting at a price of 2599 yuan. The device features a flagship-level metal mid-frame, a 1.5K display, a 5500mAh large battery, and an aerospace-grade cooling system.


In terms of gaming, the Oneplus Ace 3 features a discrete graphics chip, supporting a new generation gaming frame rate stabilization engine, a new generation super frame and picture quality engine, self-developed new generation super HDR image quality, and a new generation intuitive touch control, supporting 1.5K ultra-clear 120Hz high frame rate gaming. It is the first to support GSS game status communication technology, improving gaming frame rate stability in heavy-load scenes, making the overall gaming experience smoother.


Image Source: Weibo @Oneplus手机

Editor’s Comment: Oneplus’ previous collaboration with Genshin Impact on several new models has been quite innovative, satisfying users with the degree of customization and the richness of peripherals. Currently, the Oneplus Ace 3 is available in three color options: Dunes Gold, Stellar Black, and Lunar Blue, featuring a flagship-level metal mid-frame and new glass craftsmanship, bringing a pleasant surprise to its texture. This also makes us look forward to the new color options and craftsmanship of the Oneplus Ace 3 Genshin Impact Custom Edition, expecting a whole new experience for customized phones.

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