Apple’s Vision Pro: AR Glasses!

2024-01-20 07:40:19 by Liwei Yao

Vision Pro

Apple has recently confirmed that users can use the “AirPlay” feature to mirror content from the Vision Pro head-mounted display to compatible devices. According to Apple’s technical specifications for the Vision Pro product, it supports mirroring transmission at up to 1080P resolution without the need for any cable connections.

It is worth noting that this feature has been verified in the iOS 17.2 version for iPhone and iPad, as well as in the iPadOS 17.2 version, ensuring that users can seamlessly receive content sent by Vision Pro.

In addition to compatible devices, the Vision Pro head-mounted display can also serve as an external monitor for Mac devices. By using the Mac Virtual Display feature, the “AirPlay 2” wireless technology enables users to easily connect and set up the Vision Pro head-mounted display as a 4K large screen monitor.

It’s important to note that in order to use this feature, “AirPlay Receiver” needs to be enabled under “General” -> “AirPlay & Handoff”. Apple believes that this update will further expand the application scenarios for Vision Pro, allowing users to better showcase their content in various situations.

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