Dragon Edition iPhone 15 Case: $75

Apple Releases Limited Edition Chinese New Year Phone Case

Apple’s official website has unveiled a new phone case designed specifically for the upcoming Chinese New Year of the Dragon. Priced at 498 yuan, the case is compatible with the iPhone 15 series and is produced by OtterBox, a well-known manufacturer of protective cases for Apple products such as iPhones and iPads.

According to media reports, this special edition case is carefully crafted by the renowned illustrator Yulong Lli to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon. The design features vibrant peony fireworks, flowing lines, and bright colors, vividly depicting the courageous spirit of the dragon while symbolizing joy and auspiciousness.

From the product images, it appears that the case is adorned with an image of a four-clawed dragon, featuring a distinctive bright red color. Additionally, the case is integrated with MagSafe magnets, making it compatible with Apple’s MagSafe magnetic charging ecosystem, including chargers, stands, and accessories.

Promoted as “3 times tougher than the US military standard” through Drop+ testing, the case is made from 50% recycled materials and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Dragon Phone Case

MagSafe Compatibility

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