Huawei Ends US’ Decades-Long Dominance! HarmonyOS: No Linux/Unix

Huawei’s Impact on the US Dominance System for Decades

On January 19th, according to Tech News, Huawei’s CEO, Yu Chengdong, stated that this year would be crucial for HarmonyOS. The company aims to accelerate the development of various native HarmonyOS applications, focusing on winning the tough battles related to the technological foundation and third-party ecosystem.

During a recent press conference, Yu Chengdong stated that HarmonyOS has “truly established its foundation.” Fully self-developed full-stack technology has been comprehensively implemented, with the HarmonyOS kernel “surpassing traditional kernels” and being more adaptable to diverse devices across all scenarios.

The level of self-development behind HarmonyOS is indeed remarkable. According to some bloggers, HarmonyOS is built on completely independent code and is not derived from Linux or Unix. This has significantly altered the situation in which the operating system has been in the hands of Americans for decades.

HarmonyOS is equipped with AI large model capabilities, and official patches for system vulnerabilities are promptly released upon discovery.

Additionally, there is a reference to “Next.” Considering Steve Jobs previously founded a company named NeXT, and macOS was based on NeXT, it seems like Mr. Yu aims to surpass Apple.

Yu Chengdong stressed that “a genuine operating system must have a foundation and an ecosystem.” Prior to this, Huawei had successfully implemented its full-scenario smart interconnection solution for individuals, cars, and homes based on HarmonyOS, leading the industry.

Huawei's CEO, Yu Chengdong

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