Windows 11 AI, CoPilot, Needs 16GB RAM


According to the latest research report, Microsoft has set 16GB as the minimum system requirement for AI-enabled PCs in its new Windows 11 operating system. This decision applies not only to local acceleration but also includes cloud-based AI features like Copilot. Currently, Copilot is receiving high attention from Microsoft, as the company hopes to integrate AI chatbots that can automate and generate work into mainstream personal computers.

Microsoft is even considering incorporating a dedicated Copilot button on personal computer keyboards, similar to the “Start” button on the “Start” menu. As one of the company’s major moves for Copilot, they plan to launch Copilot Pro in 2024, which is an AI assistant integrated with Office and 365, and will be sold separately on a subscription basis. Therefore, 16GB will be set as the standard memory specification in future laptops. Commercial laptops will be expanded to 32GB or 64GB according to organizational requirements.

These developments are a positive signal for the DRAM industry, indicating that greater memory capacity demand will lead to larger market demand. However, it’s important to consider software system compatibility and performance alongside the hardware upgrades.

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