Lei Jun on Xiaomi SU7 Price: Under $78k, Unrivaled

Last night, Lei Jun personally posted a video on Douyin, which has everyone’s attention regarding the price of the Xiaomi SU7.

Lei Jun gave a unified response. Regarding the approximate price of the Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun reiterated that the final pricing for the Xiaomi SU7 has not been determined yet.

It is designed according to Dream Car standards, and the investment is substantial, so the pricing will indeed be a bit high. It definitely won’t be priced at 99,000 yuan, 149,000 yuan, or 199,000 yuan.

Lei Jun emphasized, “But I believe that we will definitely make everyone feel that the higher price is justified.” Lei Jun also addressed the question, “Is the hesitation to disclose the selling price due to concerns about competitiveness?”

He stated that the new energy vehicle industry is indeed very competitive at the moment, but Xiaomi has never been afraid, from its humble beginnings to becoming a big player.

Therefore, I can confidently say that the Xiaomi SU7 has no rival within the price range of 500,000 yuan. This was just the Xiaomi car technology launch last time, and the price will be announced at the formal launch event. Image

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