Why Huawei Mate70 is Hot for 2024: Top 5 Reasons

Five Reasons Why the Huawei Mate70 Series Is Worth Anticipating in 2024

Reason 1: Kirin 9100 Processor

It’s no secret that the current Huawei Kirin 9000S processor has already brought about the Kirin 9000SL processor and even gave birth to models with the Kirin 8000 processor. However, there are rumors that the Huawei P70 series will feature the Kirin 9000SH processor, offering a performance boost of around 20% compared to the Kirin 9000S, creating high expectations. Moving into the second half of the year, the performance of the Huawei Mate70 series is expected to be upgraded to the Kirin 9100 processor. Not only will the technology see improvements, but there will also be enhancements in performance and power consumption control, promising a great user experience.

Reason 2: Huawei HarmonyOS Milky Way Edition

Compared to last September, the number of HarmonyOS devices has grown from 700 million to 800 million, enabling all sectors to be interconnected, opening up a new trillion-dollar industry. Although the current HarmonyOS 4.0 version seems formidable, the upcoming Huawei HarmonyOS Milky Way edition is the real game-changer. Not only will it detach from the Android system, but it will also bring Huawei’s own ecosystem, which is crucial for future development. It is highly likely that the Huawei Mate70 series will debut with a pure HarmonyOS system, generating significant interest among users eager to experience it firsthand.

Reason 3: 5.5G Network

Despite the fact that the Huawei Mate60 still does not display a 5G network signal, it has already achieved an astonishing download speed, surpassing existing 5G networks. This discovery has elevated the reputation of the Huawei Mate60 and confirmed Huawei’s leading position in network technology. As Huawei continues to focus on the development of 5.5G technology and has completed successful 5G-A outdoor continuous coverage and indoor 3CC construction in multiple areas in Hangzhou with Zhejiang Mobile, it is estimated that the Huawei Mate70 series, upon release, will be equipped with 5.5G network support and may even directly display the 5.5G network signal indicator.

Reason 4: Domestic Large-base Main Camera

It is reported that the main camera of the Huawei Mate70 series will adopt the brand new OV50K sensor produced by Huawei HiSilicon. Although it will initially debut exclusively on Honor phones, Huawei will adopt it in the second half of the year. This sensor boasts a 1-inch large base and the industry’s highest dynamic range, putting it in direct competition with Sony’s 1-inch sensor LYT900, showcasing its formidable capabilities. With the incorporation of the new LOFIC technology, offering a larger amount of light intake, superior color performance, and faster focus speed, coupled with Huawei’s XMAGE imaging technology, the camera experience of the product is expected to be excellent.

Reason 5: Attention to Detail

As a new model, the Huawei Mate70 series will undoubtedly see a significant increase in domestically produced components, with substantial improvements in the details. Particularly, satellite call technology will be upgraded due to being outperformed by Honor phones, necessitating a comeback. Furthermore, there is a possibility of an upgrade to the third generation of sapphire glass material, an improvement in the camera algorithm, and exclusive features. Notably, there should be new changes in the design, which can also be anticipated.

In conclusion, considering the aforementioned points, the anticipation for the Huawei Mate70 series is high. For users considering an upgrade, it might be worth the wait. Do you have anything you’d like to express on this matter? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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