Tech Tycoons on AI Race, Honor’s Zhao Responds; New Nickname for Yu

Person of the Week (January 15-21, 2024)


The smartphone market ignites a battle of AI models,

Zhao Ming of Honor: AI should reconstruct the operating system

How will the AI mega models pursued by various manufacturers reshape the future of the smartphone industry? What are the development trends for the smartphone market in the new year? What new thoughts does Honor have on the layout and globalization of its AI strategy? Following two press conferences, Honor CEO Zhao Ming was interviewed by Nandu Finance.

He believes that in the future, there will be hundreds, thousands, or even millions of large-scale AI models applied to networks, leading to a prosperous model ecosystem. For its positioning and strategy concerning large models, Honor has chosen to nourish the soil on the device side, planting a diverse array of flora to foster an environment full of variety. Additionally, Zhao Ming emphasized that platform-level AI is the future of device-side big models and the key to distinguishing themselves from other manufacturers.

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Confidence 2024 Big Names Commentary

Chairman Xiao Geng of the Hong Kong International Financial Society:

Institutional innovation is the vast potential of the Greater Bay Area

Xiao Geng, Chairman of the Hong Kong International Financial Society and Professor at the Institute for Advanced Financial Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)

In 2024, how will the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area seize the dual circulation development opportunities? How can Hong Kong play its role as a financial center to support the real economy? And how can we explore institutional innovation to fully leverage Shenzhen and Hong Kong’s advantages for collaborative growth? Xiao Geng, Chairman of the Hong Kong International Financial Society and Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), unlocks the new trends and futures in connectivity in the Greater Bay Area in an exclusive interview with Nandu Finance.

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Zhang Wenlang of CICC:

Fiscal and quasi-fiscal policies may continue to be strong, economic structure to improve further

Zhang Wenlang, Chief Macro Analyst at China International Capital Corporation (CICC), mentioned in an interview with Nandu Finance that fiscal policies are expected to continue to increase in 2024, and monetary policies are anticipated to remain loose. Exports are forecasted to improve and experience a growth of about 2% as valued in USD. Moreover, signals such as the proportion of new credit issued by banks and the composition of GDP show that our country’s economic structure has improved.

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Leng Xiaokun of Leju Robotics:

In the era of big models, humanoid robots represent a new paradigm

Leju Robotics is a high-tech company deeply rooted in the field of humanoid robots. Recently, the company’s chairman Leng Xiaokun mentioned in an interview with Nandu Finance that humanoid robots have rapidly developed in the past two years, reaching a new turning point in 2022. With the emergence of large models, humanoid robots have become the next-generation of disruptive technology. In the past, models were driving progress, but now with the combination of humanoid robots and large models, a new paradigm driven by data has emerged.

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Zhou Jian of UBTECH:

The ultimate goal of humanoid robots is “family companionship”

In a recent interview with Nandu Finance, Zhou Jian, founder, chairman, and CEO of UBTECH, shared his view that the ultimate end of humanoid robots is “family companionship,” as home scenarios are the most potential market for applications of humanoid robots. “Going public is a new starting point for UBTECH. After the IPO, we will continue to promote the development of the humanoid robot industry and bring intelligent robots into various industries and households.”

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He Xiaopeng of Xpeng Motors:

The automotive field is the most competitive and opportunistic in the next three years

The year 2023 was a milestone for the Chinese automotive market. The market not only achieved remarkable success domestically but also demonstrated strong competitiveness on the international stage. This was evidenced by China’s export volume topping the global charts for the first time and the world-leading penetration rate of new energy vehicles.

Represented by brands like Xpeng Motors, the new forces in car making have shone a spotlight on their leading position in the smart electric vehicle domain, providing strong support for the market and winning consumer confidence in domestic automotive brands.

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Fang Hongbo of Midea Group:

Digitalization is the general trend

“In 2023, the global dilemmas of sluggish growth, technology races, and trade barriers persisted. The acceleration of company succession and the rapid rewriting of rules have led us to witness the sudden exits of prominent companies, the dimming of glorious enterprises, and the fast falls of industry new stars. It’s a period of farewells, as well as a prolonged season,” Fang Hongbo, chairman and president of Midea Group, stated on January 16. In the new economic cycle, uncertainty is the norm, and Midea plans to confront future uncertainties with strategic certainty.

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Yi Xingjian of Guangdong University of Finance:

Improving the innovative environment for the development of digital finance

Yi Xingjian, Vice President of Guangdong University of Finance and Doctoral Supervisor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Faculty of Finance (Photo provided by the interviewee)

Recently, Yi Xingjian, Vice President of Guangdong University of Finance and Doctoral Supervisor at the Faculty of Finance of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, expressed in an interview with Nandu Finance that the digital transformation of Guangdong’s financial institutions and the development of financial technology have achieved significant results but also face certain challenges. Looking ahead, Guangdong’s financial sector can achieve new breakthroughs by deepening digital currency innovation, strengthening the construction of regulatory technology, and cultivating fintech talent, thereby making greater contributions to the high-quality economic development.

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Liang Guoqiang, Guangzhou CPPCC Member:

Encouraging companies to develop “smart+ quality residences”

At the third session of the 14th CPPCC Guangzhou Committee, Liang Guoqiang, a 14th CPPCC Guangzhou Committee standing committee member and regional general manager for South China at New World China, submitted a proposal on “Promoting smart city construction and high-quality residential scenarios in our city.”

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Feng Xingya, General Manager of GAC Group:

Calls for the speedy introduction of a new round of subsidy policies

On the occasion of the fourth session of the 16th Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, Feng Xingya, a Guangzhou People’s Congress representative and general manager of GAC Group, put forward six suggestions for promoting high-quality development of Guangzhou’s automotive industry. These include boosting car consumption in Guangzhou, further optimizing policies for the automotive industry chain, supporting the local settlement of parts industries, aiding the transformation and upgrading of key local automotive companies, improving the construction of electric vehicle charging and swapping infrastructure, continuously enhancing the logistics node advantages of the millennium commercial city to aid Guangzhou cars in going international, and strengthening support for the export of Guangzhou automobiles.

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Noteworthy Individuals

Zhou Hongyi jokingly refers to Yu Chengdong as “Yu Cannon,”

saving Huawei 1 billion in advertising costs each year

On January 18, at the ceremony of Hongmeng Ecosystem launched in Shenzhen, 360’s Chairman Zhou Hongyi appeared and gave a speech, humorously remarking that Yu Chengdong had advanced from Yu Big Mouth to Yu Cannon, becoming a top speaker and internet celebrity in fields such as smartphones, operating systems, and automobiles, saving Huawei 10 billion yuan in advertising costs annually.

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Expecting more than 480,000 units to be delivered this year!

Yang Huiyan of Country Garden sends these signals

2023 is a benchmark year with intensified industry differentiation. The former “Number One Real Estate Company,” Country Garden, faced a liquidity crisis and stepped down from its top spot, leaving Poly Developments as the sole giant of the 400 billion club.

“The market never goes up forever, nor does it go down forever. The market is always there,” the management of Country Garden stressed at the 2024 annual work conference, amidst the toughest challenges since its establishment.

One month later, according to Country Garden’s official Weibo information, chairperson Yang Huiyan reiterated at the meeting, “The family will definitely share the destiny with the company,” and “is also trying their best to revitalize assets.”

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Former Chairman of China Everbright Group, Tang Shuangning, has been arrested,

once stated financial professionals should not focus on fame and wealth

On January 15, the official WeChat account of the “Supreme People’s Procuratorate” announced that Tang Shuangning, the former Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of China Everbright Group Co., Ltd. suspected of embezzlement and bribery, had his case investigated to conclusion by the National Supervisory Commission and transferred to the procuratorial authority for prosecution. Recently, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued an arrest warrant for Tang Shuangning on suspicion of embezzlement and bribery. The case is currently in further proceedings.

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Cao Ronggen, General Manager of COFCO Joy City Holdings, surrenders to authorities

According to a message from the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission on January 16, Cao Ronggen, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of COFCO Joy City Holdings Group Co., Ltd, is suspected of serious disciplinary and legal violations. He has surrendered and is currently undergoing discipline review and supervisory investigation by the COFCO Group Discipline Inspection Team and Puyang City Supervisory Committee in Henan Province.

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